Week in Review 1 July 2012

Woooooo-hooooooo! Ladies and gents, I am finally done processing the wedding I shot last month, so I have some time to pound out this weekly update. And also: happy 1-month anniversary to Jenni and Kevin ūüôā

Okay, where were we…

This week Pete and I headed to the library and got our library cards. One step closer to being Real Actual Residents. We celebrated by checking out some new books and getting ice cream. There is a coffee-shop-slash-ice-cream-shop right next door to our library branch, quite convenient if you ask me. We sat inside in the cool, sweet AC and watched all the suckers melting away in that hot hot sun. Pete had his Blue Moon and I got Lemon Meringue: marshmallow and lemon flavored ice cream with tart lemon ribbons. Whoa momma.  Good stuff.

We also felt up to finally hitting the market again on Saturday.

At one point Pete and I had completely lost Scott while running around in the grass.  So I told him to help me look for him.  He assured me it was okay because he had his binoculars.  Ummmmmm right.  Luckily Scott was able to locate us before we had to put those puppies to use.

Max passed away. ¬†I’m new to this whole market thing, but still realize that’s a big loss for the market – Stella’s and Max in particular are a market institution. ¬†Godspeed, Max – he will be missed.

We spent a good amount of our Farmers Market budget on fruit this week – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and Door County cherries. We’ve plowed through a good amount of the strawberries and cherries already. ¬†Pete, it turns out, hates cherries – I mean, cherry-flavored candy doesn’t bother him, but actual cherries in anything are a no-go. ¬†He’ll politely decline and, if tricked into trying them (“it’s a strawberry pie, honey!”) he’ll dutifully chew but then when realizing what’s in his mouth, will make a face and spit it out. ¬†What in the hell is wrong with this kid; I mean I’m starting to wonder if he was switched at the hospital. ¬†That just does not make sense.

I guess we’re not totally bummed about it, because that means more cherry goodness for Scott and me.

We spent the rest of Saturday taking care of stuff around the house and then hitting a new (to us) mall nearby – Hilldale. ¬†Um, this place rocks – half of it is outside strip-mall style, which kinda sucks when it’s hot, but (1) there’s a huuuuuuuge Metcalfe’s, (2) there’s a Sundance theater, and (3) the Target is on a second level (with first level parking), so when you leave your cart has its own special escalator to take your goods down to the first level. ¬†Hello, awesome. ¬†I am not ashamed to say that we pretended to shop, took the escalator up and down several times, and sent empty carts down the cart-escalator just for fun. ¬†And it was about as fun as it sounds (okay, maybe more fun, I swear).

That brings us to Sunday. ¬†We decided Sunday evening, on a whim, that we should head to Milwaukee for the day. ¬†Even from our far end of town it’s only about an hour to downtown Milwaukee. ¬†So Sunday morning we hopped in the car, stopped for coffee/milk and gas, and hit the road.

First stop: Simma’s Bakery. ¬†Tucked away on an unassuming street, it’s not only one of the best bakeries around, but also happens to be where my darling niece Cat (pastry chef extraordinaire!) works ūüôā ¬†We popped in and got some baked goods and to say ‘hi’. ¬†Unfortunately they were totally SWAMPED when we stopped in, so we only snuck in a few times to chat. ¬†Will catch up with her on the 4th though, no worries.

I busted out the camera for a little bit, I couldn’t help myself. ¬†Sorry, girlfriend.

After visiting Cat, we headed downtown and hit up the Milwaukee Public Museum.  When I was younger, my parents took my sisters/brothers and me here ALL THE TIME.  I love this museum, loooooooove it.  We bought a summer family pass (cheaper than tickets for all three of us; total score) so we can go back a few more times before the summer is out.

Old Milwaukee!!!

The dinosaur room (specifically: this gigantic diorama where a T-Rex is really getting into snarfing down the guts of a Triceratops) scares the hell out of every young child in the state of Wisconsin.  Pete was no different, he bravely wimpered until Scott walked him out.  I stuck around and took about 50 photos from the viewing mezzanine, to send to my brothers and sisters so everyone could relive our wonderful childhood nightmares memories.

Butterfly room! ¬†There are a bajillion butterflies in this room and they like to land on your head. ¬†‘Nuff said.

When asked what he enjoyed the most about the museum, here is what Pete said:

(1) ¬†“I got on the beetle and it was a motorcycle, and I raced everybody. ¬†And I was dangerous”

(2) ¬†“There was a fire in the buildings, so I got on my firetruck and used my hose to put out the fires.”

(3) “Those birds were having a poop party.” ¬†(This was said, by the way, somewhat reverently rather than comically, so: clearly he thought that was a pretty cool thing to be doing.)

Clearly this educational museum time was time well spent.

After museum time, we climbed in the car and planned to head to the Market area; Cat gave us some good restaurant recs. ¬†Unfortunately, Pete was HANGRY, he kept yelling from the back seat about how hungry he was, so instead we stopped not far from the museum, in the Old World area. ¬†The Old German Beer Hall didn’t appear to be too busy and they had liters of beer to boot, so hello: we’re sold. ¬†We plopped down at a communal table and put in an order.

And then things got a little weird.

When we walked in, there was this big signage on the door that read something about walking in means you are being taped, blah blah blah-cakes, I assumed that it meant it was one of those establishments that all those young whipper-snappers went to, that did the party pics you saw published in the local rags. ¬†Well yeah, it’s daytime so that doesn’t exactly apply to two thirty-something old people with a toddler in tow in the middle of the daytime, so I promptly forgot about it.

Oh, yeah, but: no. ¬†They were filming in there. ¬†Like, actually filming for an actual cable show that people will more than likely actually watch one day. ¬†We walked in and noticed cameras at the bar, and quickly hustled to the back where the tables were located and it was essentially empty of people. ¬†No worries. ¬†Except that shortly after ordering, the cameras headed back there as well and started taping. ¬†Our waitress was a little flustered but we were able to get out of her what was being taped: a segment for Food Network’s Food Paradise. ¬†So the people they ‘interviewed’ were set up directly behind us, with their instructions on what to talk about, how to order, and how excited to be when their sausages hit the table. ¬†Lovely.

Scott decided to act like a professional and basically spend the time the boom mike/camera was pointed in our direction by blatantly STARING while they taped the segment behind us.  Jeeeez, you amateur, how embarrassing.

You know, says the lady right behind him with her big ass camera pointed directly and quite obviously at the whole scene.

At least Scott had enough common sense to turn away and duck.  I just kept cheerfully clicking away like nothing was happening, for the record.

So anyway – filming aside, the place was pretty awesome and very authentic German-beer-hall-esque, what with the HB goodness and pretzels with obatzter and Usinger sausage – soooo good, the sausage ‘snaps’ when you bite into it, and that’s how you know it’s good folks. ¬†They also have a snacks area, free munchies to pick up and enjoy while you wait for your beer and food. ¬†Usingers sliced meats galore as well as cheese, pickles, and rye bread. ¬†Scott ate a lot of head cheese before we finally realized what it was. ¬†He swears it was delicious, so… whatever I still think that’s gross ew.

Before we headed out Pete and I played a round of hammerschlagen. ¬†He won. ¬†Or: I won? ¬†Whatever, whomever wins gets to finish a liter of beer, and that was me. ¬†I totally don’t understand that game.

After our steins of beer we took a nice, long walk around the area. ¬†Lots to see here, like The Spice House and Mader’s. ¬†Pete was pretty upset that we wouldn’t let him into Mader’s; I’m pretty sure he thought it was that other Mater’s.

We thought that Bradford Beach would be a good way to end our day.  We drove over, parked, tore off our shoes, and hit the beach.

And immediately regretted our decision.

The sand, it was hooooooooooooooot.  Hot hot hot.  Scott scooped up Pete and we did the Hot Tootsie Dance all the way to the blessedly cool waters of the shoreline.  I distinctly remember my dear husband giving me the Look of Death at about halfway through the trek.  Sorry, darling.  It was worth it though, yeah?

We got a call while there – we got an offer on the house and accepted the final counters. ¬†This was Scott’s reaction to the news that our house is finally (fingers crossed, inspection pending) sold.

We were a bit ill prepared for beach time, so didn’t spend a whole lot of time down there. ¬†After our toes were nice and icy cold from their many tips in the water, we made the trek back across the burning sand and headed back to the car. ¬†We hit up a convenience store on our way out of town to take potty breaks and grab some drinks for the road, then headed back to Madison. ¬†We were driving along and saw a wispy trail of black smoke in the sky; I remember commenting on it before our conversation turned to something else. ¬†About a quarter of a mile later, the highway was at a complete standstill. ¬†After finally moving again, we passed the reason why:

A lone policeman was at the scene when we drove past, and about 30 seconds later we watched the firetrucks zoom by on their way to the vehicle fire.  Pete, fireman fanatic that he is, was obviously over the moon over the whole situation.

Except, no: he fell into a deep sleep moments before we hit the scene, so missed the entire thing.  Sorry, dude.

And that about sums up our weekend.  Hope everyone had a wonderful time as well, and dodged all those freaky East Coast storms and/or fled from the gross heat overtaking our nation.

Will see y0u again next week. ¬†Much XOXO…



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  1. San Francisco has those Targets with underground parking (and awesome cart escalators) too. It’s to protect them from the awesome California weather. I was like California, if anyone needs underground parking at Target, it’s the Midwest. Back off.

    • Maybe San Fran is just figuring, compared to the rest of the California Coast, they have ‘yucky’ weather??? GAWD. Anyway though, much love for that Target, especially when shopping there this weekend. No need to get out in the heat at all, SCORE!

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