I am trying to work through the weekend update thingie but I feel pretty gross (it’s like it’s winter all over again, with all the germs floating around this place…) and anyway, will get it up more than likely tomorrow. Just a few things that late update will include:

Spent half of our farmer’s market budget on berries n’ cherries.  No.  Really.

Pete finally got to see Granny rocking that creaky old chair at Old Milwaukee.

We might possibly have had our moment of TV fame without even realizing it.

Scott ate head cheese (we think, anyway).

We played hammerschlagen.

Finally made it to the beach.

Almost burned our feet to a crisp on the hot hot sand there.

We might possibly have our house under contract (weeeeeeee!).

Some dude’s car exploded on the highway.

So anyway – will have a real actual update for you tomorrow, promise.  Over and out.



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  1. FANTASTIC picture!!

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