Week in Review – 24 June 2012

This week was a bust.  Pete got over the flu, then got a cold.  Then Scott got a cold.  And that morphed into a sinus infection.  Then Saturday Scott and I both came down with some sort of mystery stomach bug (gosh, I wonder where we got it, it couldn’t have been from that germ-laden little person living in our home).  We had to cancel on lunch with my aunt/uncle, which was a total bummer, and then our Sunday visitors cancelled on us before we could tell them our sad tales of germ-infested woe, which is probably for the best because I’m sure that would have ran them off from ever being our friends.  At any rate, not a lot of fun stuff going on, in fact we barely left the house all weekend.  So we’re just gonna spill all that’s fit to print here all bullet-list styley.

Most important information nuggets of the week:

  • My favorite new thing about having a toddler is going in before I head to bed myself and tucking him in one last time.  Mainly, to see what weird state I find him laying in, then prying things out of his hands and his bed and tucking a blanket around him.  Because every single night, after the bath/books/bedtime-tucking, he apparently sneaks out of bed to snatch up some toys and play before zonking out.  I find him in there fast asleep, sometimes with trains and his conductor clutched in his hands, sometimes buried in Matchbox cars with his car holder next to him, or his doggie guitar…  More often than not, with his fireman hat on and hose in hands.  Weirdo.

  • Pete got several birthday packages this week, one from his beloved former daycare family.  They sent him a box full of his favorite treats.  And I have to say, about half of them were a surprise.  The marshmallows and Koala Yummies? Not that shocking.  However our darling Fanta also included several of his favorite Asian goodies like taro wafers and these bright ball things, some thing I can’t really decipher from the wrapper, and also seaweed wrap thingies.  Which Pete immediately picked up and shrieked, then proceeded to snarf down an entire package.  Oooookay.  Methinks we will be making a stop at the Asian market soon.

  • Friday, even though Scott was under the weather and Pete was still getting over being sick and was nap-less (translation: grumpy), we headed to visit our new pediatrician at UW for a 3-year wellness visit and also took a tour of the Montessori he’s attending in the fall.  Both appointments went extremely well and tantrum-free, which is always a good thing.  The only sadness of late is that Pete has been very opinionated in the clothing department.  He picks out most of his outfits these days, and while I try to sway his opinion, that only works about half of the time.  I am sure the other moms at daycare think I’m color-blind, that’s about where I’ll leave it.  Most days, if I can talk him into wearing pants over his underwear, I consider it a win.  Forget that anything actually matches.

  • So while Scott spent the better part of the weekend laying in bed ‘dying’, Pete and I fit in some cleaning, some organizing (that final moving box kicking around the living room?  Finally unpacked, huzzah), and lots of playing.  Mostly fireman-related things, but also the usual train-table shenanigans and finally, taking his fire truck box and turning its side, making a drive-through of sorts.  Pete made all sorts of goodies on request.  That’s a donut in the photo on the right.

  • By Saturday afternoon I was a little twitchy, after a week of dealing with sick people and all, so when Pete and Scott went down for afternoon naps I fled into the loving arms of the mall a few blocks from our home.  Oooooh, the mall.  I walked in and the realization hit that: that was seriously the first time I was visiting a mall alone probably since I had Doots.  No lie.  So I spent a heavenly two hours perusing all the shops, did some damage at H&M and The Gap (mommy needs new summer clothes, badly), then stopped at Metcalfe’s on the way back and spent some time getting groceries gloriously child-free.  I won’t lie, the entire thing was probably the highlight of my weekend.  No offense to the rest of my family, but I was overdue some ‘me’ time.

  • Okay as a random side note: Pandora is suddenly giving me nonstop ads for singles websites.  This happened after I added a Les Miserables station.  Ummmmm, okay then.  Also sorry Pandora, but just because I like Les Miserables doesn’t mean I like The Phantom of the Opera.  So you can stop trying to sneak in Phantom number between every other song played.  GAH.

  • By Sunday evening, poor Scott was finally feeling a bit more alive so we headed out for dinner (because I am lame and did not plan a menu this week; still kinda have to do that).  Anyhoo, we decided to try out Craftsman Table and Tap in Middleton.  We drive past this spot every week on our way to trivia, but haven’t been able to stop yet.  It was a gorgeous restaurant, loooooooved the decor, but sadly: the food kinda sucked.  And the beer list was just okay.   But at least we got out at some point so that the weekend wasn’t a total wash.

  • We rented Chronicle and were dumb enough to think it was okay to watch when Pete was still awake, um.  Yeah.  It’s a good movie, but save it for when the kiddos are in bed, just take it from us…  Aaaaaaaaaaand that about covers things.  Cross your fingers that no one comes down with something else and we can actually head back out and enjoy this new city of ours.

Pete says ‘I am the  apex predator‘.


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