Tired.  Still working (probably still have another hour or so, and have to be up at the crack of dawn, but hey: at least a blog post is up).  So this is just a placeholder and the actual Weekly Update will come another day, hopefully tomorrow.  Rest assured, though:


We still live here.



Pete still spends half of his meals in restaurants playing ‘caves’ under the table.



He’s also still obsessed with bubblers.




And thinks gardening is ‘hard work’.



He also still makes that awesome face when you tell him to “SHOW ME SOME MEAN, SON”.


And clearly he’s still destined to be a rocket scientist.



His sneak attacks are still less than sneaky.



And his facial expressions when pretending to be a robot still kinda crack me up.



Also he will still smell pretty much anything, on command.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, yeah.  That is about all that is fit to type tonight.  Just take comfort in the fact that, while I don’t have time to update, things are pretty much the same as usual.



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  1. Gardening *is* hard work…but he looks like a trowel warrior, ready to do battle with evil weeds in all of their disguises.

    • I think gardening is hard work for the seasoned pro (or lovely be-gardened East-sider Lawrencian), not so much for the ‘we have a 2X2 foot plot in the work community garden”-er. Just sayin’ 🙂 Love your blog re-do, by the way!

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