Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Work is nuts.  Just nuts.  I am also still muddling through images from last weekend’s wedding, and we have visitors on our doorstep.  My nail polish is chipped to hell and my hair’s in a messy ponytail and the coffee, it is just not cutting through the fog of my current level of exhaustion.


Today I put all that aside, to the back of the mind, and celebrate the day that happy, kind-hearted little chatterbox came into our lives.  Gifts have been  hastily wrapped, a sad excuse for a homemade cake is on the table, and he couldn’t be more charmed by the whole thing.


Happy birthday, Beezy Doots.  Three Cheers for Three Years Old!




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  1. That cake looks awesome. Like, I want a slice…right now…for breakfast….

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LITTLEDUDE! Eat some cake for us!!

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