Week in Review – 3 June 2012

Hi.  I’m doing a quick update.  We have drove back to KC (I had a wedding to shoot) Friday, I worked Saturday while the guys took a whirlwind tour of all the choo-choo stops in KC, and then we left early Sunday to head back.  Huzzah.  To say we are exhausted does not even begin to cover things.

Good news, though: Pete is a model road-tripper.  He hung out like a champ, with minimal stops.  I mean, the “robot monster” thing he kept doing from the backseat with that mask was kinda weird, but otherwise all was picture perfect.

And the only other time I picked up the camera (for non-wedding stuff) was when we stopped in Iowa for lunch on the way home.  Yeah.  Kinda sad.  On the drive to KC we had a deadline/time to hit so we packed sandwiches and chips; not much time for restaurants.  On the way back, we earned that long lingering lunch break.  So we stopped in Des Moines and I have to say: their downtown is rather cute.  For being Iowa and all 😉

The place gave kids a package of these twisty things instead of crayons.  Think pipe cleaners, but waxy instead of wire-y.  They were kinda awesome.

And there you go.  The End.

FYI the wedding was lovely.  The bride, um: gorgeous.  It was a fantastic day and I cannot wait to share a million photos later on the pro blog 🙂


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