Week in Review – 20 May 2012

This week was way more low-key than the past couple weekends.  Work has been busy and I’ve been working on freezer meals and we met up with my cousin Mike for a drink, but otherwise: we stayed home a lot more.  We played outside a lot.

Friday after work Pete and I headed to the Fitchburg Dream Park – soooo, apparently around here they have these things called “Dream Parks”, there are several around us, and the only discernible difference that I can see is that there is a lot more wood and castle-y type things.  Which hey, bring it.  Anyway.  So we hit one up.

We pretty much had the place to ourselves most of the time we were there – they were setting up a carnival in the park parking lot (??).  The carnival folk were setting up a little train when we were leaving and let’s just say: I had to drag Pete out of there.

Friday evening we tried the age old tradition in Wisconsin known as the Fish Fry.  Oakcrest was recommended by more than one person, we we headed that way.  At 5pm.  Actually, we left the house a little before 5pm, and that’s because: while known for their fantastic fish fry, the place is the size of a shoebox, so you wait awhile.  And for the record: worth the wait.  Get the lake perch.

This weekend was all about re-stocking.  One of the biggest bummers about moving is the fact that you have to start from scratch with most of your pantry and all of your freezer/fridge staples.  Thanks to a little housewarming gift from my sister Anne, we stocked up with a lot of TJs goodies this weekend.  I made several batches of bread/pizza dough and some roasted vegetable calzones, too. And marinara and meatloaves  for good measure – we have a huuuuge deep freeze to re-stock, my friends.  Ummm, and 4 quarts of beans.  Scott made a bean curry and decided to soak his own beans, and kinda overestimated the amount he needed…  Thank goodness those suckers freeze.

We also hit up the Asian market (I swear I moved the fish sauce but it appears: no, I did not) and Penzeys to re-stock on spices.

The spices at Penzeys are worth the trip, seriously.  Just as an example, look at the difference between the average-sized bay leaf from Penzeys (on the left) and the biggest one I could find in my grocery-store jar on the right…

I am officially in Nerdy Old Lady territory, doing a spice comparison (WITH PICTURES), aren’t I?

Also, after much grumbling, measuring, and swearing: Scott got my mantle on the wall above the fireplace.  YAY!  Pete used the box as a racetrack to celebrate.

Now I have the joy that will happen for the next several weeks of moving things onto it, nudging them left and right until it looks better, then hating it and replacing the frames/items with other things, ad nauseum.  Gah, moving!  I hate the decorating portion, I forever second-guess myself.

Also yes, I hate televisions next to fireplaces, it looks trashy to me.  But for now, until we succumb to the lure of those new-fangled flat things and finally ditch our beloved tube, we’re going to have to deal with it being squeezed in next to the fireplace…

Also also yes, that is my dear son waving hello to you from the stairs through the mirror.

So all of my girlfriends, they have these dear little ‘movie nights’ with their kiddos, where they camp out on the floor one night and get a kid-friendly movie and make popcorn and I thought to myself, “hmm, there might be something to this; either your kid zonks out mid-movie and you can just put the dear to bed, OR the child stays up the entire time and sleeps in the next day!”  BRILLIANT.  So Saturday we tried it out, we got Puss in Boots and made the floor bed and popped some popcorn on the stovetop.  Doots about died that Puss in Boots was TOTALLY MOMO YOU GUYS, FOR REAL, and he stayed awake through the entire thing.  And got up at about 6:45a on Sunday, so: he pretty much barely slept in.  MOVIE FAIL.

We did have fun though so I guess we’ll give it a few more tries.

Also before looking at that lovely image below, know that earlier in the day, when showing Pete how the whirley pop worked, I spun the crank and it kinda stuck, which was WEIRD, so I pushed really hard and it worked like a charm and went back to cranking easily.  Then I heard the wail….  Yeah.  Totally chewed up Pete’s finger, which was sitting on the gear things.  Oops.  Mom of the Year.  He is still talking about the blood.  And I mean really, but dude: there was barely any.  Gawd what a whiner.

Sunday was just nice nice nice.  Pete barely got out of his PJs.

Below is when I caught the final moments of Pete mauling his bacon.  Breakfast consisted of market-fresh eggs, Nueske’s bacon, and toast with Stony Ridge Farm’s banana jam.  Um,  DELISH.  Best breakfast in ages.

We also planted some of our container garden this weekend.  We placed several pots on Pete’s balcony, and they are his to water and care for.  So far he’s loving it (on Day 2…).

This week Pete has a new-found love – for firetrucks.  He is a fireman, constantly.  He watches this really bad British cartoon over and over and then creates his own scenarios of towers on fire (sometimes with cats in distress that need rescuing) and he puts them out with an old piece of Scott’s brewing hose.  It’s all about as fascinating as it sounds.

That’s a fire hat, by the way, DO NOT call it a cowboy hat.

And that’s about all the news that’s fit to print.  Pete fit in some quality bed-jumping, so I’m including a few shots of that.  Hope that everyone had a lovely week and has another wonderful week ahead!  May is almost over, my goodness where did the time go…



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  1. Okay on my phone that first picture of the park it looks like cut outs of children on either side of that bridge, not trees. Like “come plaaaaay with us, we are creepy cut out children.”

    Also, seriously? A wall gallery on your staircase already? You are more moved in than me and we’ve been here 2.5 years.

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