Week in Review 13 May 2012 – Mudder’s Day

So, again – a long one, pardon all the photos and such.   I have a feeling the next several weeks will be the same way as we try to figure this city out.

We’re settling in at home.  All my succulents are comfy on the bay window in the living room, along with stacks of books and pictures galore.  I’ve got pictures up in all the rooms except for the master bedroom, master bath, and living room (there are some tall ceilings in this place, so I have my work cut out for me).  Mother’s Day also gifted me with a mantle for the fireplace and mirror to go in the living room, so we’re getting there slowly but surely.

Another sign that things are calming down post-move: I sat down and painted my nails for the first time. I let Pete pick out the colors, so it was hot pink on the fingers and metallic on the toes.  The metallic polish I have does waves when you hover the magnet over it, it was my first time using it.  Not too shabby.

Also sorry for assaulting you with a picture of my feet.

We bought some Cookie Butter at TJs, for the first time.  Whyyyyyy did we wait so long to try this stuff??  Seriously.  Like a grainy peanut butter, that tastes like shortbread cookies with a touch of gingersnap.  So good on bread.  Or bagels, or baguette, or crackers.  Or celery.  Or also straight out of the jar, whatever.

Pete has rediscovered his trike.  He rides it here and there and everywhere.  I took the camera with us the last time we took it out, he rode and rode and rode (the apartment complex across from us has a garden thing in the center with a walk around it, and he has decided it was a race track).  At the end he had to stop for breaks.  And had a few wipeouts in the grass.  Then we knew it was time to head home.

So yeah, that’s about all the excitement we could handle during the week.  Now: on to the weekend.  The fun stuff. When we start exploring this fine city of ours.

First up : the Unitarian Meeting House.  This is, also, (SHOCKER), a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure.  It is low and sprawls and I was pretty shocked at just how looooooong it was.  We went inside and checked it all out and then went to the gardens.  That place is beautiful.

Pete is a good boy, until he is baaaaad.  He decided the rocks in the garden were good propulsion points.  We left shortly after.

The meeting house is a quick few blocks from campus (and Pete’s new pediatrician at UW, HOLLA), so we decided to just drive on down and check things out while there.  We got near the Union and figured, “what the heck let’s stop and check out the Terrace“.  So we parked in the garage and wandered over and OMG YOU GUYS IT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER.  Like, EVAR.  Think a giant patio right on the lake, filled with the cutest seating and people and beer/food/ice cream and a BAND and boats and yeah.  YEAH.  We should have hit this place up the night we pulled into town.  We walked around and checked things out and will definitely be back for a beer (and ice cream) in the near future.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early, so hit the Market again.  This time we came away with all kinds of goodies: chili oil, two huge bunches of asparagus and nice mushrooms, eggs, salad greens and two pots of succulents and cheeses…  I stop on Friday for some beer and a movie at Copps and take out cash, that’s our Farmer’s Market budget.  No cards will be used there, TOO DANGEROUS.  Well, we spent all our cash within 2 turns (didn’t even finish out the other 2 sides).  I have no regrets though – we got some good stuff.  I think we’re officially addicted.

After hitting the market we took a long walk down State Street – we didn’t get a good look last weekend, and in the mornings it isn’t very packed (much like Mass St. back in Larry), so it was due a good exploring.  We walked to State Street Brats then back; Pete decided he was a lion halfway through and was crawling out of his “caves” (bar doorways full of cigarette butts) on hands and knees roaring at people, so we figured it was time to get in the car and head home.

Yeah he was tired at the end.  Made Scott carry him.  Very un-Doots-like.

So that was Saturday, in a nutshell.  Sunday was lovely.  Mother’s Day (or, as Pete has been telling me all week, “Mudder’s Day”.  Why has my kid been talking about Mudder’s Day all week, you may ask?  Well, our daycare has been preparing him, and preparing him well.  Sunday morning I woke up to donuts (that was all Scott, and by the way MADISON DOES NOT HAVE ANY DONUT SHOPS.  True story.  I was missing my Munchers.  He picked some up at Metcalfe’s Market down the street though, and they were still pretty good).  I got flowers too, and Pete’s homemade gifts courtesy of daycare: a big card full of hearts with a drawing of us, cookies, and a Cheerio bracelet.  This he was most proud of, jibber-jabbering about CHEERIOS I MADE IT WITH CHEERIOS! as I opened it.

We had brunch at Vintage Brewing Co., I had the Home grown Burger and it was sloppy.  Very un-mom like. I used about half of Pete’s supply of baby wipes cleaning myself up during the meal.

It was totally worth it.

Being Mudder’s Day, I got to call the shots as to what we did.  And I requested: a trip to the Mustard Museum.  This used to be located in Mt. Horeb but moved to Middleton a few years ago, which means instead of a 20-minute drive into the country we had a quick 5-minute ride up the Beltline.  No complaints here.  We took in the museum, bought a bunch of mustard, and chatted up the owner’s wife.  She was more than happy to tell us stories after hearing that we frequented Free State Brewing, so that was kinda cool.  She even blew off someone there to meet with her because CAN’T YOU SEE I AM TALKING TO THESE FOLKS I WILL BE WITH YOU IN A FEW MINUTES, SIR.  Larryville, represent!

After the Mustard Museum we headed home for naps and chores (and I might have watched Mommy Dearest on TV while editing photos).  I can see why they played that on Mother’s Day, it makes all the moms feel even better about themselves.  Jeez Joan Crawford: you were really truly crazy, girl.

So: yeah.  In the evening we packed up a picnic and headed to Vilas Park.  We thought about doing the zoo, but our daycare already beat us to that this week as their field trip.  Soi we just had our dinner and played our hearts out.  Peter found a train so we had to pry him off of that.  Also there was this awesome old-lady-lived-in-a-shoe slide that looked weirdly familiar to me (but I mean hello, but come on: that’s weird) so I wonder if we ever played there when I was younger…  I dunno.  I know we hit up the Madison Zoo so it’s possible.  Anyway: Pete liked the weird shoe house slide thing.  That’s all that matters.


That’s our week, folks.  Hope you enjoyed it.  And now I close out with just a few pictures of that little weirdo who calls me his mudder.  He watched cartoons in my bed post-nap (My Little Ponys, oooooh yeah) and took out enough time from staring slack-jawed at the TV to make some googly-eyes at his mommy.  I will miss these days when he’s older, methinks.


Have a good week, all!  Hope all those mommies had a good day: you earned it.





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