We’re here.

Tired. But we have Internet access at home now, so here we go.


We had a busy week before we left – I wanted to edit moar fotos, but am tired so this is all you get.  A few we took while playing around on Allen Fieldhouse lawn – we saw Baby Jay while there, so it was time well spent.



So Friday we got our van and we packed that sucker and we hit the road.  Our U-Haul had snakes on it.  That is pretty much the awesomest U-Haul ever of all time.




We had, admittedly, a long drive.  One of the (many) distractions was a bag of wrapped ‘surprises’ – every few hours (or maybe hour, depending on how antsy Pete was getting) we’d let him pick a new one.  Some Cars toys, coloring books or stickers, a new little stuffed animal – certainly helped to pass the time.  He was a super-good traveler.  Which was good, because our U-Haul went about 55 mph so it took a looooooong time.  We stopped in Des Moines for the night and wouldn’t you know, they were having some huge Track & Field thing so we were lucky to get the last room at a Country Inn and Suites.  My goodness.




We eventually made it to Madison.  I have bruises all over my thighs and hips, but everything got unpacked and so far the only casualty is a champagne glass. Woohoo.  This is a quick shot of our new home, out of my car window on the way to run errands (off to Target, then grocery store, then TJs, then Target, repeat over and over and over and over… man, I am tired of moving).  ANYHOO.  Home.  New home.  We really really love it; for now we’re renting until we get the lay of the town and then hopefully in the next year we know where we want to settle more permanently.




We are still living out of boxes.  Tonight for dinner we had our first meal at home: cheese tray (because I mean really, but what else).  It was lovely, no driving and waiting involved.




That’s about it for now.  We have Internet at this point, and are unpacking.  Soon things will simmer down and be back to normal, cannot wait.  We’re hitting up the Farmer’s Market and maybe Ella’s Deli this weekend, so there’s that to look forward to! Will update again soon 🙂


Have fun this week, friends!



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  1. I’m totally in denial that you’re gone. I keep thinking you’re just on a long vacation and will be back at work soon. 😦

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