Week in Review – 22 April 2012

Only 5 more days.  Only 5 more days.  Only 5 more days.  We will make it.

And then, we move and it’s over and no more packing/working-from-home/over-socializing-my-damn-Introverted-self/driving-to-KC-a-million-times-a-week/etc.  Okay, so I have no one to blame but myself for all of those counts, but still.  Starting to wear me down.  I’m ready for us to just get in the truck and hit the road.

Not to say the week was bad at all.  It totally wasn’t.  I worked from home (yoga pants Mon-Fri, yay!!).  Monday we had one last play date with Binya (and he and his mother gave Pete an awesome going-away present of a hand-sewn train blanket, which he loooooooves).

Tuesday I headed to Liberty to do another engagement shoot – we had a blast and I love this couple.

Wednesday I met up one last time with Nikki for dinner, a beer, and a nice long conversation.  Thursday I cannot even remember, no lie (sorry if that offends anyone).  Friday I had one last Happy Hour with my favorite gals, it was late and I had a wee headache the next day but ummmm.  Worth it.

Saturday I tried not to die and we got some packing done.  Pete is pretty excited for the move, I won’t lie.  He tells anyone that will listen that we are moving to “Sconsin”, we are getting a big white truck and when we get there we are eating cheese.  The eating of the cheese is apparently the most exciting part.

Anyhoo, he helped with packing.  By stealing several boxes, coercing me into helping him push them together, and then playing choo-choos inside for the next hour.

Also while I packed the bedroom he took over my closet and claimed it was the white moving truck.  He moved in his cats and a bowl of cheddar bunnies and drove to ‘Sconsin to get me some cheese.  Over and over.  And then once he decided to switch it up and got me french fries instead.  So thoughtful, that child of mine.

I did some grocery shopping, which basically entailed picking up several frozen pizzas and sandwich stuff.  And Doritos.  I am done cooking, yo.  The Doritos were a big hit with the menfolk.  I am surprised there are any left.

Grocery shopping and packing aside, the highlight of my day was when I met up with Julie for one last girly movie date.  We had lunch at our usual spot and then went to see Titanic.  In 3-D.  In the IMAX theater.  And my friends: it was just as cheese-tastic and AWESOME as we thought it would be.  Totally recommend seeing it.  With a girlfriend who will also church-giggle through most of it with you.  Oh, and when we purchased our tickets not only were they given to us in these ‘boarding pass’ Titanic ticket replicas, but we were also each presented with a commemorative poster.  This thing is totally going over my bed, no lie.

Okay, probably the back of my closet.  BUT STILL.  Totally hanging it up.

I got home, packed a few more boxes, and then had the gall to retire to the bedroom at a non-past-midnight hour and play Draw Something for awhile.  If you don’t have Draw Something, you guys, seriously: get it.  So you too can be stuck drawing ‘Tebowing’ for your poor sibling to figure out.

Sunday we met up with my parents and Tinnie, to take in the Titanic exhibit at Union Station (are you seeing a theme to my weekend…).  They take this awesome picture of you against a green screen when you first walk in and the second they had us line up I knew I was totally buying the darn thing. And I am so glad I did, I mean hello – Scott and Pete were about 6 inches in front of us so they look like creepy giants, plus Pete’s green adidas shoes just kinda disappeared thanks to the green screen, the shadows on our mouths make both Tinnie and I look vaguely like stroke victims, and lastly: I mean, check out the ghost of the captain behind us.  So anyway needless to say this thing is getting FRAMED.

When you walk in they give you boarding passes, one for each of you, with a name of a Titanic passenger and short bio about them.  Scott was a 1st-class German baron, I was a 49-year-old widower (and pediatrician), Tinnie was coming home to America after getting her wedding dress abroad, Pete was a 1st-class 2-year old who was brought onboard under an assumed name (stolen from his mother, no lie), Muzz was a 20-something heiress to the Saks fortune, and my poor dear dad was a 3rd class dirty normal, in his early 20s and living the high life in steerage.  We all felt sorry for his poor dead self.

BUT: when we got to the wall, and people around us were all “great, I died”, we found out that every single last one of us survived.  AWESOME.  We should have went right out and bought a crap-ton of lottery tickets, but instead we headed out to visit Obese Bear, who lives in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on-site.  And I mean really but COME ON – that filthy morbidly obese bear cannot do well for business, seriously.  Tinnie gave him a big hug for my camera, and it totally looks like he’s licking her ear.

We walked across the ‘train bridge’ and had a long lunch at Jack Stack.  Then we said our good-byes, had our hugs (Tin and I: about 27 times), and you will be so proud to know: we only clung to each other and cried for a few minutes.  So unsisterly of us.  Probably had to do with the fact that Dad was laughing at us as we clutched each other’s collars and blubbered, that kinda ruins the moment.   So anyway, we did one last tight squeeze and headed our separate ways and it pretty much was totally sad.  I tried to talk Scott into making a trip to TJs afterwards, because I totally knew we’d run into them again there, like we ALWAYS DO, but he was like “um we don’t need to buy anything”.  And honestly he had a good point.  So that was the official last time I got to see them The End.

We hit the road and Pete decided to empty his car-bucket of all toys and put it over his head, pretending it was a space helmet and he was piloting a rocket ship.  It was loud and hilarious and he was super-serious and really gettting into it, with the sound effects and everything.  So I took a photo for posterity:

Then Scott and I looked at the picture and could not stop laughing and suddenly realized it was quiet in the back seat.  And then we saw this:

Um yeah, lights out.  Dead to the world.  That’s what happens when a mildly-under-the-weather kiddo goes nap-less and then takes a long car ride.

So anyway, there’s our week and weekend.  Back to the grindstone starting tomorrow.  And one last parting shot for my baby Tinnie.  XOXOXOXO, miss you bunches already.


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