Week in Review – 8 April 2012

Typing this out from my hotel room in Madison, gonna be quick-like about it so I can crawl into bed and zonk out to the television.

Soooooo: I took off a week between jobs, to kinda get caught up on things? I imagined several days to just finally take a deep breath and then take my time packing and cleaning and doing other assorted semi-fun moving-type activities. Instead: I spent most of the time driving to/from KC, catching up on editing and photo sessions, finishing a million assorted moving-related errands that should have been done weeks ago, etc. etc. In other words: I did not find the time to pick up the packing tape until Thursday afternoon. Waaaaah, wah, I know. I did, however, squeeze in a little time to do two very important things. First: a date lunch with my darling husband. We have needed this, badly. Some Pachamama’s and Hunger Games matinee certainly did the trick.

Yeah, he loves it when I point my camera at him.

Also, on my last day of freedom, I ran up to Java Break after dropping Pete at daycare and spent a good hour or so with a hot cup of coffee, my camera, and my beloved Mass St. It was chilly and a little drizzly but I just wandered and took photos here and there and pretty much enjoyed some silence before The Chaos descends upon our life for the next month or so. We lived downtown for 8-ish years until we bought a house (which honestly, is still right off Mass St. and a brisk walk down the street). Every little nook of those streets is familiar, comforting, and truly I will miss it so much when we move. Not quite as much as my family and friends, that’s a fact. But, you know. Close.

Anyhoo. Thursday evening we had a house showing so headed over to a friend’s house for a playdate with Binya. Hopefully not the last one. Afterwards it was kinda late so we stopped at 23rd St. Brewery for dinner. No photos from any of that, I was too tired or something to bust the old camera out (lame excuse, I know).

So Friday daycare was closed, Pete and I stayed home and packed and hung out and then dyed some eggs when Scott got off work. Pete was very adamant about colors, length of dips, turning his own eggs and transferring them back to the carton, etc. So I was pretty glad I put down a lot of brown bags to catch the messes. FYI, Pete’s at the age where he makes up random stories and tells you little bits of random made-up trivia without so much as batting an eye. For example, just FYI, the Easter Bunny drives a garbage truck to your house. It’s blue. And he gives you FIVE eggs (which just happens to be Pete’s favorite number, by the way).

After our egg-dyeing adventure, we realized that we planned to hit up campus and the Union that evening, to pick up some gear. Ummm, whoops – we shoved the eggs in the fridge, ran out to the car and drove over, and made it into the Union. With about 5 minutes left to shop… Yeah we didn’t get anything this trip. So we just enjoyed the cooler, sunny weather and walked campus for a good hour, hopping in and out of buildings and turning around after getting to the fountain.

Scott and I talked about it just the other evening, it has finally hit us that we have a limited number of times to get to certain places before we move. We are hoping the weather warms up enough before we leave so that Pete can get one last official dip in the Chi O fountain. It was too chilly and we didn’t have a change of clothes for him, or we totally would have done it this visit.

He keeps us well exercised, too. He insists on returning to the car by going down to Potter’s Lake, back up to the Campanile, back down again, and finally one last push up the Hill to the Union. Whew. Who needs a gym.

Saturday we did a ton of packing. Like, I think I got about half the kitchen done (and most of the dining room). That is no small feat, my friends.

Time for a confession: we’ve meant to sign him up for swim lessons since he was a baby, but the timing would be bad or we’d forget or any number of things, and anyway here we are: he’s almost 3 years old, and hasn’t had a single lesson. We signed him up before we realized we were moving, but instead of cancelling decided we’d just make the most of the 4 lessons we could make. We had our first on Saturday. I made Scott get in the water with him, so I could take some pictures (from here on out, I will stay home and get stuff done while they go off to swim lessons). I think Pete was the biggest kid there, no lie. They sang some songs and had to swing the kids in the air, only Scott’s version totally looked like the Dirty Dancing ‘The Lift’ maneuver and I almost died it was so awesome. I mean, Scott’s wasn’t quite as good as Ryan’s, but still. Pretty impressive.

And then a loud whistle blew and everyone was told to vacate the pool – lightning in the area so they had to cancel class. I think we got a solid 8 minutes out of this lesson. Nice. Not.

We decided the best way to drown our sorrows was in donuts. So we headed to Munchers (making it count, people!) and grabbed some to go. Worth every last bad-for-you calorie, for real.

Then Easter happened! Got up early, did the egg hunt/basket thing, then headed out the door for breakfast as soon as the restaurant opened.

I think that’s going to be our last trip to 715. Much love to that place – gonna miss it.

Then a quick walk downtown before we ran back home. I showered, got ready, packed, and headed to the airport. The end. Terribly exciting, I know.

Oh yeah, a few sneaks from the photo shoots this week: it meant a lot of driving back and forth to KC, but totally worth it. Can’t wait to get all these sessions up on the old photo blog.

Okay and seriously now, really: Bravo is calling my name. Off to bed – have a great week, all!



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  1. Whoa what a busy week!! I hope the transition to a new city and job goes smoothly for you!!

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