Week in Review – 1 April 2012

Hi there.

It’s been a little caaaaah-razy, this week. I had my last day at Allen Press. It was a stressful week of trying to finish deadlines, tie up loose ends, train staff on my journals, and hardest of all: say ‘good-bye’ to everyone there. I had a long, lovely lunch with my ‘annex’ crew (well, minus Alaina who is currently in the thick of life with a newborn), and then a Happy Hour at Red Lyon (pretty much the quintessential Allen Press Happy Hour spot). Joel, our office Hipster mascot (oh Joel, you know I kid), offered to take a photo of my gals and me, with my camera. He hadn’t touched a digital camera in YEARS, though, he is pretty much a film-only kind of guy, it means being more selective and careful in shooting, two things I definitely have issues with. He didn’t actually say that part about me, but: truth. Anyhoo, he took but one shot, because that was all he needed. His exquisite, sharp-as-a-tack and perfectly framed image can be found below.

Is his focus off, or is this just his way of expressing his love for the background artwork found in the Lyon? I might never know the answer.

Saturday I woke up WAY TOO EARLY FOR A FREAKING SATURDAY, showered and attempted to make myself presentable, then snagged a coffee and hit the road to KC. I attended a workshop by the wonderful, lovely, gorgeous, funny, and (slightly itchy) Shannon Sewell. I was my usual dorky + painfully shy self, I pretty much just sat stock still and listened and could not stop staring at her nail polish (some electric pink color that I kinda covet and will have to hunt down somehow, because I MUST HAVE IT). I did actually eek out a few words here or there, so I’m pretty confident that she doesn’t think I was just a statue in the corner. Anyhoo, I learned a ton, took lots of notes, and came out of it thinking she is not only insanely talented but one of the most charming, sweetest gals to ever pick up a camera. Seriously.

We spent the afternoon portion shooting; this is just a quick, off-the-hip shot before we actually got started. It is slightly blurry and in truth not that great, but I thought her way of warming up the models was pretty darn cute so I had to capture it.

I didn’t get off a ton of shots, I spent most of my time just tailing Shannon to see how she did things, but speaking of the models: gorgeous. And total professionals.

The Solars hosted Shannon at their studio, so I got to see Jenny and Josh one last time before we move, which was soooo nice (will miss them greatly, they have been awesome mentors to me as I muddle through this photo stuff and are the best family photographers ever, and I’m not exaggerating like no one shoots the way they do). Anyhoo, after the good-byes I headed back to Larryville; it was Game Time and the guys were headed to Liberty Hall to watch there. Pete and I stayed home and watched from the comfort of the living room. I did have to pick up the guys, though, so we headed back up with about 5 minutes left to play. I had to park 7 blocks away, then Pete and I sat in the car and listened to those final (nail-biting) minutes until the end. And we won! We walked up to our meeting place (8th and Mass), ran into some friends, watched and clapped with the revelry, and finally found the guys. We left about 15 minutes later, because whoooooooooooo boy: as much as it was tame (I mean, hello, look what happened in Kentucky; all our group did was cheer/drink/dance/etc.), it was a bit too crazy for a toddler. I am so incredibly glad he got to see at least a glimpse of it, though 🙂

Sunday we cleaned, prepped for putting the house on the market, and I had a few photo shoots in KC in the evening.

My buddy Julie was the last shoot; methinks she secretly hired me just to see me one more time before the move 😉 I will never turn down a chance to see Bridget, though!

And that about sums things up. It’s been nuts and I have a week to decompress, get used to the new job, and get some things done around the house. And I am super-duper excited for it. Almost as excited as Pete is to play ‘Diego’ outside in the evenings. (That involves having ‘an animal in trouble’, by the way, such as a cat in a lilac bush, and then he goes and saves them while singing. It’s about as awesome as it sounds.)

Have a wonderful week! Will see you again soon!



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  1. Wow! That 2nd shot…blow that one up big!

  2. I hired you for the beer 😉

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