Week in Review – 25 March 2012

Busy week.  Here’s a nice bullet point of everything accomplished:

  • Packed and packed and packed and packed;
  • Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned;
  • Met up with a few of my Dearests to have a late snack and see The Hunger Games at the Thursday Midnight Showing;
  • Tried not to fall asleep at the midnight showing, because I am officially Old;
  • Spent 15 minutes trying to weave my way out of the parking lot of the AMC30 after the showing, because all 30 theaters were showing The Hunger Games and let out at the same time;
  • Made it home without falling asleep, getting in an accident, or in any other way maiming myself;
  • Spent Friday sleeping in late (GLORIOUS!) as well as packing some more and prepping 12 boxes of Pete’s old clothes to sell at an evening ‘yard sale o’ boy clothes’;
  • Packed up all items not sold, so my sister could take them in the morning;
  • Woke up early on Saturday, organized some stuff, pulled items out of the attic and basement for my dear old sis Ms Beah;
  • Beah showed up, hung out and did sisterly things;
  • Headed downtown with the whole gaggle of ‘Kemmeter’ cousins and Beah, Scott, to have some Burger Stand for lunch (hellooooo, truffle fries);
  • Enjoyed my darling Mahni’s ‘pretty face’ (then, thankfully, she didn’t realize I had her in my view and took a more normal shot) (PS – how about those Rooney Mara bangs of hers; she did that all by herself with kiddie Crayola scissors, thankyouverymuch);
  • Played some pinball while waiting for our burgers;

  • Had a nice long walk downtown, checked out all the Jayhawk-related stores, had a few good chats, and ended up at Billy Vanilly for cupcakes;
  • Made our poor, long-suffering children stand against walls for random shots on street corners;
  • Watched a street performer for a good while;
  • Picked up some new nail polish at Urban Outfitters, then had an impromptu makeup application session with Mahni while waiting to get in the (loooooooong) line to pay for our nail polish (here she is showing off my handiwork once we got outside);
  • Loaded an exersaucer, bouncy chair, baby swing, several baby toys, 3 black trash bags stuffed full of clothes, and 3 boxes of baby crap into Beah’s car.  How the three of them were still able to fit in the car is beyond me…;
  • Had the longest EVAR extended good-byes possible on my front porch (lasted about 40 minutes, no lie);

  • Pete asked about 837 times “where did my friends go??” after Beah et al. left;
  • Decided to drown our sorrows of Beah withdrawals by heading to Johnny’s (the original) for some suds and pizza (and quality-time spent watching trains outside the building);
  • Random side note: we have lived in Lawrence for almost 13 years and had pizza there for the first time ever.  Lamented the fact that this was the first time we had pizza there, because OMG – seriously the Best Pizza in all of Larryville.  Had we known how good it was before this, we would have come here for the pizza several times.  Now I think back to all those times at Johnny’s where I wasted my time on burgers or beer…

  • Sunday, I completely organized all the junk in the basement (anyone with a full basement can agree, this is a Massive Accomplishment);
  • Filled 7 black trash bags with junk to toss on garbage day;
  • Roasted a 12-some-pound turkey we found in the bottom of our deep freeze, so I guess we will be having a lot of turkey in the coming week;
  • Filled the car to the brim (several black trash bags and boxes) with junk to take to Goodwill;
  • Packed 6 more boxes of kitchen stuff (kitchen: the room you are Never Done Packing EVAR);
  • Scott and Pete meanwhile collected most of the pennies and nickels in the house and took them to that little machine at the grocery store to convert into cash and OMG YOU GUYS IT WAS OVER 100 DOLLARS WORTH OF JUNK CHANGE.  And we still have a gallon to cash in. Wowza;
  • After much sorting, organizing, trips to the Goodwill and grocery store and the Doing of the Weekly Chores, we headed to Liberty Hall to watch the Hawks take on the Heels;
  • Pete was in heaven there: he ate buttery popcorn, drank a ton of milk, and yelled/cheered/high-fived wherever appropriate;
  • Pete fell down and hurt himself walking to Liberty Hall, he randomly ran into some outdoor seating at Tellers (skinned knees).  Then he fell on the main-theater’s ramp inside Liberty Hall (did I mention the floor is this beautiful Beaux-Arts-style tile?  So, add a gigantic bruise on the left side of his forehead). Finally, as the Coupe de Grace, at the end of the game (when the Jayhawks finally pulled away and the cheering was deafening) he tumbled down onto the diaper bag, face first.  At the precise moment that I was whipping my camera out of the diaper bag.  Doots’ forehead, meet lens.  Nikon lens with UV filter, actually, so: all glass/metal.  Right on top of that huge bump/bruise on his forehead.  Hello, new cut and bigger bruise;
  • Sorry my baby (I still feel insanely guilty for that one);

  • We won that game, PS.  Even Pete forgot about his multiple injuries enough to scream and celebrate;
  • After the win (ha ha haaaaaaaa, Roy you jerk) we walked Mass St. for awhile.  Pete made a lot of friends.  Girlfriends, that is (lots of high-fives all around to the ladies);

  • So anyway, we walked the impromptu parade route and watched the revelers and had a good time.  Until Pete got fiercely independent and decided he was hanging out in the crowds as he wanted, at which point we decided he had enough injuries for the day and headed home;

  • And then I totally made him a turkey-apple-cheddar quesadilla and some trail mix for his dinner, at his request, while he relaxed in daddy’s chair and watched some Diego, because I still felt so freaking guilty about the head butt with my camera;

  • The end.  No, really: the end.  Off to bed.  Loooooooong weekend, working tomorrow (last week at my current job, in fact).  Will see you guys all again shortly, I am sure.  Sweet dreams; hope you had a productive bulleted list of a week as well 🙂



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  1. ok seriously. I just saw you last month or was it January?? You guys are moving? Where? When? Why? Cody and I are so lost, slow, dumb, etc. I only hope it is moving CLOSER. But Alas, I realize that most people move FARTHER away from this area then closer…. 😦

    • Yeeeeah, it’s rather sudden – I got a job offer out of the blue and couldn’t turn it down, so we’re moving to Madison (Wisconsin), end of April. We were going to try to plan one last trip down but things are SWAMPED here so instead Scott’s parents will squeeze in some time to come up (every single weekend is booked solid already, go figure).

      We’ll still be back for visits, though, you won’t even notice we’re gone! And Wisconsin is GORGEOUS, and the summers rock, you should plan a family trip sometime 😉

  2. So for some reason I didn’t realize that you LIVE in Lawrence. And now you’re moving? Too sad. But it looks like you had a great time celebrating the big KU win. Rock Chalk!

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