Week in Review – 18 March 2012

Getting this sucker done early and out of the way this Sunday, I have a hot date with a dozen or so boxes and the piles of crap in my house. Also, the Jayhawks play later, so there’s that. I will be busy chewing my nails down to the quick (please, kids, don’t pull a Duke/Mizzou/Michigan/Georgetown/etc.).

It has been mega-warm this week. Like, record-breaking. And apparently it’s that way in a decent swath of the country – I spent some time in Madison getting acquainted with the new job and the city itself, and it was deliciously warm up there as well. I think the locals were unnerved over 75 degrees in March. I packed up some skirts/sundresses last week which was kinda dumb, busted those puppies right back out. We hung out in the yard a lot. Also, the flowers are coming up, like EVERYWHERE.

Okay and as an aside? I bought this book on a whim, Amazon had the Kindle version on sale for like 99 cents and it appeared to get decent reviews. Um, OMG THIS BOOK WAS AWFUL. I planned to read it during some downtime while in Madison and I swear, I was sitting on the exercise bike in the teeny hotel exercise room and wanted to throw the ‘book’ across the room. It’s like the Twilight books, but written even more poorly, except instead of a teenager mooning over a sparkly vampire it’s a 35-year-old chubby virgin professor mooning over a male escort. In-between giving him lessons in writing his memoirs (he, in return, taught her ‘how to please a maaaaaaaahn). It was so.freaking.awful, do not be tricked into buying it like I was. I can’t finish it and I’m the type who gets twitchy if I don’t finish a book, no matter how bad. Well: life is too short to waste on this book.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant. Anyway, it was pretty bad.

On the positive side: I visited some rental spots in the morning before I had to be at the office, and even though I had to deal with the Weirdest Cabbie I’ve Ever Encountered (and I’ve taken I lot of cabs in my time, my friends) – I found a townhouse for us when we move. We’re renting for the first year or so, to get the lay of the land before we settle anywhere, and this place is perfect. On the west side, only about 15 minutes from work, with a Urgent Care clinic and grocery store and other shopping nearby (hellloooooooo, a Brennan’s Market, just down the street). So anyway, I think we’ll like it there. I hope.

Friday we took a nice, long walk up on campus. I tried not to be too sentimental about it, but our usual-frequent-walks-on-campus are certainly numbered. We did a lot of exploring and Pete did a lot of running, which was nice. An early bedtime for all 🙂

Pete loves Weaver court (on the side of Spooner Hall) – even when he was a baby, he was obsessed with the rocks surrounding the grounds. He played in there for awhile.

Scott and I just kinda hung out on the steps of Spooner and talked while Pete played with the rocks. Then Scott decided Cotton was a football…

Um, yeah. Hilarious, dude (jeeeez, boys are annoying).

Saturday morning I had a shoot, with little Clara and her parents. I took several shots and have narrowed the finalists down to 130 of them. Um, yeah, I have some further narrowing down to do. Seriously though, we had a good time and that family is ridiculously good looking.

I was going to have a ‘boy clothing yard sale’, but the fates did not align as planned so that’s been pushed back to next week. Instead we hit up the parade, on a whim. Okay, so apparently the Lawrence St. Patty’s Day parade, when it lands on a weekend, is not something you do ‘on a whim’. We headed downtown about half an hour early, drove around trying to find parking for almost 20 minutes, then Scott dropped off Pete and I and went to find parking on his own. He finally found a spot, NINE BLOCKS from where we ended up. Yeah. So anyway, we had a good time, and I was super duper thankful to finally see my husband again after he found us, because wooooooo boy but I had no idea how heavy Pete was until I had to hold him on my shoulders a period of longer than 2 minutes.

Free State had my most favorite float, even better than the Sandbar (who always have the best float), I mean really what can beat a six-pack of Ad Astra?

Pete wanted to jog the route back to the car. Only if I prompted him constantly to “keep going, you’re doing great”. Lovely. Anyhoo, here’s a gif and it doesn’t do justice to the amount of images I have of this kid running down streets.

Sunday we just hung out at home. Super quiet, relaxing day. Pete didn’t even get out of his PJs. It was glorious.

Okay, game time. Gotta go. Have a good week, all! Another update to come soon, have a wonderful week 🙂


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