Week in Review 11 March 2012

Can I just start out the post showing you a fine example of my son’s stunningly refined palate? That photo below is of Pete eating spicy whole-grain mustard as a dip. Which I can’t say is weird in and of itself, this is a family of mustard lovers that is true, instead it’s the fact that he’s using cinnamon/sugar-flavored cereal as the vehicle to get the mustard into his mouth.

Clearly he is destined for the culinary world.

Speaking of mustard: last week I told you about Free State Brewery and their awesome March Mustard Madness. Well, apparently Foxtrot decided to join in the fun with their window display.

It was kind of a bad week. Not in a ‘terrible things are happening’ kind of way, but in a holy-crap-I-don’t-have-time-to-catch-my-breath kinda way. So we scheduled a sitter for Friday and had a nice, long dinner downtown at our current 2nd-fav spot, 715.  We tend to hit up either this place or Free State on date nights, we love the other spots in town but these are our favorites.  I swear I feel the stress melt away just walking in the door.  That and the cocktails they serve kinda rock – I couldn’t decide what to get, maybe the Maple Old-Fashioned or the Old Verona, and finally settled on the Bees Knees, the special of the night (gin + honey syrup + lemon + some-exotic-flowery-extract-thing = ahhhhhh, perfume-y sweetness that’s tart and strong, a perfect way to forget the worries of the week).

I have been dieting as of late but that all went out the window, we had a cocktail and pork-belly flatbread and pasta and (be still my heart), chicken livers.  Did I eat meat on Friday during Lent?  Yep, sorry.  The order was already in by the time I realized what I was doing.  I will be good and go meat-free another day to make up for it, I swear.

We stopped at Free State on the way back to the car, to catch up on the game.  Er, yeah.  Let’s just try to pretend that didn’t happen…   Then back home and we all tucked into bed, Saturday was a busy day.

Saturday morning we attended baby Dov’s birthday party.  How that kid is a whole year old already is beyond me (I swear he was just! born! oh my goodness).  His party was actually held at the spot where we had enrolled Pete for preschool.  So we were able to check out all the fun stuff while there, the science center and indoor play area and classrooms.  I think the adults had more fun in the science center than the kiddos did.  There were all kinds of wild stuff, like the Infinity Machine (shown below).  Mirrors + lights = will enthrall the parents every time.

The theme was Jayhawks (I mean, but of course), so everyone wore their KU best.

Dov loved his cake.  After a fistful he decided to just cut to the chase and dive right in.  Later he head-butted it for good measure.  All in all, the most impressive 1st-year-cake-smash I’ve witnessed yet.

Happy birthday, little guy 🙂

After the party I headed to Topeka, to meet up with my buddy Christy and meet the newest addition to their family.  You’ll see more of the photos very soon on the pro blog, so be sure to check in there later in the week.

Aside from some massive cleaning and sorting and organizing of closet items, that about sums up our Saturday.  Oh, and the boys did their usual weekend morning lounge routine.  This usually entails Pete crawling into our bed in his PJs, drinking milk, and watching cartoons.  While Scott drifts between various stages of wakefulness.

That’s a rough life you live, my boys.

I did not yet tell you of the nicest news of all, that my brother Paulo flew in for an extended weekend.  We met up him on Sunday, as well as with my parents and Tinnie.  We all hit up the Auto Show, as is our family’s annual tradition.  Pete was cast-free this year so tried out several of the cars.  Paulo almost got stuck in the teeny back seat of some Acura thing or another.  And I think we have settled on the soon-to-be-updated family car, that Subaru Outback sure looks nice.  So all in all, a productive trip to the Auto Show.

We sure missed our Paulo, it was good to see him again.

After the Auto Show we hit up Waldo Pizza for a late lunch.  We drove separately, so we had our good-byes under the Waldo Pizza awning before darting out into the rain to our separate cars.  I was kinda glad for that rain, because that way no one saw me sobbing my eyes out like a giant baby after crawling into our car.  I kinda didn’t realize until hugging my Paulo good-bye that, in fact, I’m not actually sure when I am going to see him again.  He plans to head back in the summer, but we’ll be long gone at that point.

Changes are afoot in our world.  It became official this week: we’re moving north, like way way way north, and shortly (more details to come).  It’s overwhelming and exciting and scary and I know it’s going to be a hectic next several weeks until we depart.   Good thing I have this blog, that’s the truth.  For now we’re just trying to focus on getting the house on the market and doing that massive de-cluttering thing you do when you move, as well as find a new home in the Berkeley of the Midwest, and a new preschool and bank/doctors/oh lordy, and a waxer (you don’t want to see my crazy natural brows, for real).  Focusing on that keeps me from focusing on what we’re leaving, the family and friends and the Jayhawks and Lawrence.



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