Week in Review 4 March 2012


This was one of those weeks that kept me on my toes. Lots o’ things happening. And I got a new lens. I’ve kept it on my camera all week, to get used to it. I think I’m going to like it. Maybe not as much as my 50mm, but still. It’s fun.

We had wacky weather – one day, it was 71 degrees and sunny and early-May-style gorgeous. Then we had bad storms, like tornado-level (nothing like a tornado warning at 11pm in late February to keep you on your toes). And then the next day it snowed. No, really. Or maybe the tornado-y weather was a whole day in between? Anyway. It was all kinds of wacky. I was still happy for that one nice warm day because it meant we could hit the park and chill.

Saturday Tim came to visit – Tim! We love Tim. Pete, especially. Tim and my brother Paulo both seem to have that effect on the wee ones. So Pete glued to Tim’s side pretty much from the moment he walked in the door, and was The Saddest Child EVAR when he realized we were dropping his dad and Tim off downtown to grab lunch and hit up the local craft beer festival. What was this! Why can’t Doots join in the fun with the big boys! He wailed and sobbed into his little hands in the back seat and finally was able to compose himself enough to answer me when I asked what he thought about grabbing a Happy Meal on the way home. He sadly choked out that, indeed, a Happy Meal would make him happy. Then started sobbing again. Oh, toddlerhood. So dramatic.

And the guys had a good time. And even got this sweet little mini pint glass out of the thing. Nice.

Anyhoo. We went home, Pete had his Happy Meal, we danced to some rockin’ Diego tunes for a bit, and then took a nap. Then we headed back downtown to meet up with the guys at Free State. Pete was super excited to be reunited with his beloved Timmy.

It’s Mustard Madness time at Free State! We sampled several of the mustards, I think the overwhelming favorite was a spicy Chinese mustard. I was partial to the Wisconsin dill, and to round out the top 3 was the bacon – I mean really, you can’t go wrong with a little bacon, am I right?

That’s about it for Saturday. Sunday was crazy busy: sooooo, there was this little cranberry contest thing. I entered it on a whim one day, a few months ago, and promptly forgot about it. Until this week when I was contacted and told I was a finalist, and to prepare 75 samples and show up to serve my samples to the public before a judging panel picks a winner. Um, uh, er, I’m sorry but whaaaaa? I totally missed the part in the description where they mention you have to be all social and stuff and work it Top Chef style. Yeesh. So Sunday, when the guys were off at brew fest, I baked off 3 cranberry shortbread cakes and cut them into sample sizes and packed them up. And away we go.

I really considered just bailing, I mean this is not really my sort of THING, man, but I sucked it up and dragged the poor guys along for moral support. It was totally not as bad as I thought it would be, even though I spent the first 15 minutes beet-red and stammery (yay for introverts). I described my dessert to the crowd and made normal-person small talk when handing out samples and didn’t lose my cool over the fact that the judges were real-life regional super-stars.

Then it was time to announce the winner and they dragged all us finalists back up in front of the crowd and this sweet darling little lady named Mary won, with her insanely yummy cranberry cake with butter sauce. That damn butter sauce, I had no chance against it. I handled my loss well and clapped nicely only made minimal sad face while the winner got crowned.

(No, really: she got a crown. With fake cranberries and doo-dads hot-glued to it. I wanted to take a photo with her but chickened out and seriously regret it.)

Anyway! We got some library books, hit the park, then called it a day. And here we are.

I hope you enjoyed our random update of the week. Will be updating the work blog later in the week, and have a few baby shoots coming up that I am excited about. Have a great week all my darlings! Will update again soon 🙂



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  1. Doots looks so grown up in that one picture on the playground. What happened to our babies???

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