Week in Review – 26 February 2012

Hi again. Ummmmm, much like last year I am busy watching the Oscars right now, so I hope to make this quick.

No photos to share from the week, so we’ll jump right to the weekend. Pete got a haircut. We ran lots of errands. Then I grabbed our camera and we headed out: it was Asher’s birthday on Saturday.

Asher is five years old (FIVE, when I met them he was Pete’s age and it seems like YESTERDAY). Five will be a good year for him, I have a feeling 🙂

I would like to point out at this time that: Scott and I gave up all sweets for Lent. A daunting challenge, I know, but so much more doable when you are in it together, right? Am I right?

Right. Well done, Scott. He could not resist the siren song of birthday cake and ice cream. And so I go it alone.

Oh and a random side note: on the way out there was an eagle flying over their house. Like, super low. By the time I got out my camera and fixed my settings it was waaaaaaay higher in the air so my picture is crappy. Just trust me, that’s actually a real bald eagle.

So! That brings us to the game. The big game. Missouri vs. Kansas. Our age-old rivalry, the last time we get to play each other in conference play EVER FOR ALL TIME THE END. Kind of a big game. Welp – KU sucked it up, played about as bad as I have ever seen (at HOME), and of course the Tigers were on fire and rockin’ it out and what do you know, we’re down by 19 points. Sad times.

But then, miraculously, we came back and ended up squeaking in a win by one measely point in OT. Classic. And I literally let out a sigh of relief, because had we lost it would have most certainly been the worst game in KU history. Although I try not to think about how we will probably play them again in the Big 12 tourney. Yeesh.

PS: I told Scott after the game that he should totally change his Lenten sacrifice to “no cursing” 😉

ANYHOO! We won and after the game ended, we headed downtown with Pete. We thought if it was too wild (i.e. full of drunken crazy college kids) we’d just get him an ice cream and head home. But: while busy downtown and full of honking/cheering, it was thankfully tame.

So we grabbed a pizza at Pickleman’s and stuck around for awhile afterwards, enjoyed all the revelry.

And that was our Saturday.

Sunday! Pete and I pulled out Monopoly. A lot. I made the mistake of pretending to play with him earlier in the week, once he saw that train pawn it was all over. We play a lot these days.

Sunday was GORGEOUS weather-wise, so we spent a ton of time outside. Morning, afternoon, evening.

In the evening we checked out Centennial Park, we haven’t taken Pete to that park yet and holy moly, but he had fun. Not on the playground equipment so much but just running around the park. Up and down the hills. Over to the skate park portion. He was in awe of the skater kids. One of the dads was filming his son while he skated (the boy we were watching skate, who when I chatted him up told me that he was “10 years old now, but I gave up skating for a long time, just got back into it” OMG I DIE HE WAS TOO CUTE). Anyway, his dad told us it was not long now until we’d outfit Pete with his own skateboard. God help me if that happens, I should just get Radiology programmed into the phone now while I’m thinking about it.

Pete loved running across ‘the river’ (creek) by way of the bridge. The last time he came across it, he happily bragged to me about how well he raced against the bad guys that time. While blissfully stepping backwards and re-living the moment. See the photo on the right? That’s a split second before he stepped backwards into the creek bed. He was soaked. Scott plucked him right out and he regaled us all the way back to the car with a tale of how he “fell in the river, and then daddy saved me”. The kid, he watches way too much Diego.

I need to recognize a certain anniversary – last year at this time, Pete broke his leg. A year ago! It kinda feels like forever ago but also like it just happened. In honor of the anniversary we took the cast off the shelf and let Pete check it out – he pretended the two halves were machine guns. Yay for two-year-old boys 😉

That’s all I got, pretty much focused on the Oscars. So far: yay for Octavia and Christopher Plummer 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your evening, folks – will post again soon. Until next week…


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