Week in Review – 20 February 2012

Hi. It finally snowed. We woke up to, like, 2 whole huge inches of snow on Monday morning (woooooo). (That was a sarcastic woo, by the way.) It was a really wet snow and the temps never got too cold, so when I went outside to shovel around lunchtime? And drew some awesome Cars-esque eyeballs on our car? Hoping it would totally impress and enthrall the little dude when he got up from his nap? But, no. They totally kinda fell down and smushed from the wet heavy weight of the snow, and I tried to desperately fix it by ‘patting’ the snow back upwards, but SHOCKINGLY that only caused more smushing, which led to more desperate patting, and anyway. You totally couldn’t tell what the hell I was going for with my artistic renderings and it was basically an all-around Fail. Oh well. I tried.

So, hey. You are probably asking yourself right now: if it only snowed a few sad pathetic little inches, why did Nemmie stay home from work on Monday? Well, it was this guy’s fault. And he was the reason I stayed home on Tuesday as well, and then Scott was a kind man and took the rest of the week so I could get some work done. Oh, wait, I forgot to show you the reason, didn’t I. Well, here he is:

Yeah. Guess what: turns out he has Scarlet Fever. Um: whoops. Sorry, all your peeps at the pool last Sunday who had to swim with our germ-laden child. Hope that chlorine killed all the germs.

So there you go. He had a nasty fever and rash and wicked sore throat, like bad enough that nothing passed his lips for 5 days save for popsicles, ice-cold Gatorade (had to be ice cold or it was rejected like day-old sushi), and medicine. Sweet sweet horrible-smelling medicine. One thing I have to be thankful for, this kid does not turn his nose at medicine, no matter how yucky it smells. He is just like “bring it on” and tosses it back. I am not sure if I should be proud or a wee bit scared as to what this means for his teenage years.

We stayed home and played in-between his fits of melancholia. He was especially enamored of this ratty old camera I got off e-Bay years ago, while it doesn’t actually work the shutter still makes a satisfying ‘click’ and it’s easy for him to work, so it’s officially Pete’s camera. He carries it around and tells us all matter-of-factly “I have to shoot this” and stoops down to get his shot. That’s my boy.

The sad thing is that his Valentine’s day was less than exciting. Daycare was super-sweet and put off their party until he could return. So we had made our valentines but didn’t get to hand them out just yet.

Pete and I made cards for his dad while we were home, and all the usual fun things still went down: I got flowers, from both my boys (Pete included a balloon with his gift). Scott and I exchanged gifts: nice gym membership for me (I begged for this one) and Scott got tickets to a craft-beer fest coming up, as well as a 6-pack of Reeses hearts. Do I know my guy, or what? After tucking Pete into bed we made pizza for dinner, and then mixed Scott’s latest chocolate porter with some Kriek cherry lambic. Mmmm. Well worth the calories.

Pete got candy (which he had to wait several days to sample) and a new doggy friend. He was overjoyed.

Finally by Friday he seemed to be on the mend. By Saturday he felt well enough to venture out to the Lawrence Model Train Show with his dad (while mom got a TON of housework and baking done). Thank goodness. Because Sunday, we had big plans.

Sunday we headed to KC, to the Legends area to be specific. We met up with Beah, Tinnie, Mahni, and Dylan for some quality shopping time and lunch.

Got there early, so hit up D&B. Thank goodness for that place, it got us out of the chilly wind and kept the child occupied for awhile.

After awhile we headed back outside, had a snack, and passed the time until family got there. We planned on lunch at T-Rex and were dumb and forgot to put our name on the list as soon as we got to the area. Um, dumb. So we rushed over and did so, and had a 90-minute wait. Oh, yay. I am sure Beah et al. will be overjoyed to hear that…

Luckily, when they got there they were ready to hit the shops and blow some time, so away we went. First stop: Charming Charlie’s. Tinnie had heard good things about it (I had heard Nothing, probably because I am Old). There were a lot of cute things (like headbands; Mahni and I went on the search for the Perfect Headband) and some weird, crazy-tacky things. All in all, well worth the visit. If only for the hysterically tacky stuff.

We were able to waste a surprising amount of time in that store, and after purchasing the perfect coral-colored etsy-ish headband for Mahni, we headed to T-Rex Cafe. We checked out the fish tank upstairs and the store downstairs and then our table was ready.

And just a warning: the rest of the images are in B&W because I never corrected my white balance in the place. Oops. Sorry.

The kids had a great time, as always. Even if the mascot/furry dude creeped Pete out and even though Dylan experimented with Mahni’s new headband until she was thoroughly riled up. Ah, sibling love.

So: they seated us at the prime seating area by the T-Rex butt/tail. It was actually kinda awesome. Especially when we first go there and I kinda lost my footing and reached over instintively to correct my balance. With the tail. And caused the giant thing to wobble around. Errrr, oops. At some point during the meal everyone took turns posing with it, including Tinnie’s time with The Tail, where she at first pretended to eat it and then hugged it happily.

Afterwards we hit up BCBG. Tinnie found a cool dress (actually, she found two, and it took us several minutes of a theoretical-dress-situation discussion to decide on the Diane Von Furstenberg-looking one). Pete lasted about 5 minutes altogether; once I spied he and Mahni in this position he was quickly hustled outside. Jeez. Boys.

We also hit up TJs together before they hit the road back to southeast Kansas – no photos from that, I left the camera in the car with Scott and Doots (who was passed out in his car seat after a long, eventful afternoon with his beloved cousins). Just know that we found lots to buy while there and also some randome shopper dropped a full case of wine, which made about 1/3 of the place reek like two-dollar Cabernet.

And then we headed home, had some homemade pizza (oh my goodness, I have been using a new crust recipe and it is DELISH, I should have switched ages ago and maybe will blog sometime soon with the recipe). Then Pete hit the hay and I have to admit, while I stayed up and finished this and watched Downton Abbey I am more than ready for bed myself.

So: happy week, all! Will see you again soon 🙂



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  1. I believe this might make me a little bit of a bad person, but I was just a tiny bit happy to hear that the snow wasn’t much.

    Hope the little guy is feeling better!

    • Meh, as a gal from the grand land otherwise known as The Great North – I was kinda happy myself. I love snow. In theory. Not in the reality of shoveling, driving, winterizing, etc. So a few inches are fine and I actually hope at this point that’s all we get. 🙂

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