Week in Review – 12 February 2012

Oh lawdy, it is COLD outside. Winter has finally appeared. We’re set to get some yucky weather tonight, too, so I’m headed to bed to snuggle in for the night once I get this sucker wrapped up.

I am giving myself 20 minutes to do so.

So. Let’s get crackin’. Actually, not a lot to share other than pictures, so I’ll just get those outta the way. I’ve been working a lot with the new camera and while I love to share them (as you are all well aware by this point) I think I draw the line with the dozens and dozens of photos of my living room, front porch, and the plant in the kitchen. You’re welcome.

Okay maybe a quick few words about the following collage, because otherwise it’s beyond random. So, to sum up the week: (1) we worked on Valentines (and dude, while the robots are cute they were insanely time-consuming); (2) I am still going strong with my “always have nice nails” resolution this year. This week’s color: OPI’s One in a Windmill(ion), withe a touch of sparkle; and (3) so I bought this lovely Alpaca sweater at The Gap a few weeks ago. Sooooo pretty, soooooo soft. Why was it on clearance, I wondered to myself? Well, I have discovered why. My beautiful Alpaca sweater poops out little teeny yarn balls everywhere. I mean, everywhere. I see them swirling around on my hardwoods and all over my desk at work and in the car, in my bed, I leave them all over my loved ones, hell I even noticed a few on the floor in the work bathroom. Pete likes to pretend they are bugs and will sit there and poke at them for awhile and make up elaborate stories about them. I guess at least it keeps him occupied (very, very occupied). Darn you, beautiful Alpaca sweater, why must you poop so much.

Okay back to more random, pointless photos from the weekend.

Oh my goodness, and okay so there was one milestone this week:

Yep, we’re officially potty training. We tried to start it a few months ago, Pete wasn’t interested so we decided to be good hippie parents and just let it go until he told us he was ready. This week he pulled back out his potty books and has been asking us to read them. He’s been asking to look at the undies in his drawer. He pretends to put them on over his clothes.

And then, he started going in the little potty. Which was kinda nice, because he hated that thing before. Still not terribly fond of it, though, so we went shopping today for some new (cheaper) undies and a new potty seat.

Don’t worry, I will spare you the OMG-CHILD-SITTING-ON-POTTY-AND-HERE’S-A-CLOSEUP-OF-HIS-PEWP photos. Just know that after we got home and got the potty seat assembled, he spent a good 30 minutes trying it out, stepping up to the potty and sitting for a minute and then getting down and folding it up and putting it away. Over and over. Practice makes perfect, right?

Also, PS – the hat he insisted on wearing? It’s a baby size 6-month knit hat. He found it when I was packing up some old winter stuff and insisted on wearing it. Can’t say it did anything to keep his head warm, as stretched out as it was.

That about covers things. He took a nap, we took a trip to the pool (man, we looooove the pool I am not sure why we never tried it out earlier). He was shivering up a storm in the pool, so we pulled him out and changed, headed home. Soon after we realized he had a 101F fever, and he started complaining of a sore throat. Um, whoops, feel a little bad for dragging him out to the pool. So he left his ‘bad guys’ Cars where they lay (last ‘bad guy’ adventure: driving off with a garbage truck, all the rest of the Cars characters precariously stuffed in the garbage-dumpy area in the back), and instead opted to listlessly hang out with Daddy and watch some cartoons. Poor little babe.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be home with a sick Doots tomorrow. That’s okay, as long as he’s still up for cuddles πŸ™‚

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm and be safe in the yucky weather out there!



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  1. Oh, glorious potty training. It’s all fun and games until you realize how many times they actually do go. I swear I lost about 5 pounds just walking back and forth to the bathroom the first week AJ was wearing underwear πŸ™‚ Yeah, Pete!

  2. Welp, 2 days in and he decides potty-training is for suckers. I think because he’s sick. Who knows. Anyhoo, we have a reprieve from the horrors of living in the bathroom for at least a little while…

    I will say I will look forward to the potential weight-loss aspects of it πŸ˜‰

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