Week in Review – 06 February 2012

Hi again!

The weather has totally dictated our week. Early in the week, gorgeous. Sunny. Not much wind. Temps in the high 60s – super insane late January weather for Kansas. Not complaining, though. Anyhoo – we took full advantage by playing in the yard, Pete was even treated with a few ice cream cones as his after-daycare snack (psst, don’t tell his dad, he will have a stroke over the unhealthiness of it all).

Aaaaaaand then, Friday we were treated to nonstop downpours.  Now, I’m not really complaining considering our summer, fall, and most of our winter has been dry dry dry (we’ve had .4 of an inch of snow thus far, and no rain for well over a month; almost 3 months before rain before that).  The rain started around 5am on Friday and just went and went and went.  All day.  Woke up Saturday to the same, which meant a day indoors for us.  Pete does not mind, when he’s bored with toys and playing with us and reading and puzzles, he can just turn to mommy’s phone.

He pretty much knows my phone better than I do, and guys, I must admit: I used to side-eye those people whose kids knew exactly how to manipulate every button on an electronic device, because hellooooooo they don’t learn that overnight.  Well, I am here to say that actually, yes, they learn that crap overnight.  One day I pulled up a movie for Pete on my phone, the next morning he was navigating to the correct screen then pulling up Netflix and perusing the cartoon lists.  Unreal.  So anyway, he watched some Balto 3 (lord help me, that movie is awful) and then played some Train Conductor and that kinda tided him over for a bit.  Thank goodness for technology.  Or “Tank doodness”, as Doots would say.

Yeah don’t ask about the make-shift ugly towel pillow there, he found it while in the kitchen and apparently just made do with it.

Also I want to make note of these lovely jeans – I picked them up on the clearance rack at BabyGap (yeah, shocking that they were on clearance, just look at those stylish suckers) not because they were fashionable but because they tugged at the ole heart-strings: train conductor jeans, be still my heart.  So anyway, of course Pete loves his train conductor jeans but I really regret buying him, because the pockets on them are crazy.  They stick out like the pants on that “I’m broke!” gesture in the old-timey cartoons.  DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY NUTS.  Anyway, this is my personal reminder to OMG FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SEW THOSE DARN POCKETS TO THE INSIDES OF THE JEANS BEFORE HE WEARS THEM AGAIN.

Saturday after Pete’s nap, it was STILL RAINING, and since we were all a little stir-crazy by this point we headed out to the Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center.  Pete was insanely excited to go swimming, like I haven’t seen that kid that excited in a looooooong time.  Except he kept saying he was going to visit the beach, which errrrrrrrr.  No.  We were hoping he wouldn’t have a massive meltdown once we got there and he realized there was (1) no Anne (2) no Paulo and (3) no beach.

He seemed a bit confused when we pulled up to the building and was all, “WHERE ARE WE?!”.  Yeah bad sign.

We  hustled him inside and all got into our swimwear, and thankfully he was happy as a clam – all it took was one sight of the water and he was ready to go.

We were there quite awhile.  We played on the slide and with the sprinklers, we took him to the deeper ends and taught him how to paddle and kick, we let him jump in and out into our arms, and we worked hard to teach him to hold his breath when he went underwater (I think, maybe, he’s catching on to that one…).  We even talked Daddy into going down the big slide for us, we cheered and yelled and waved our arms like crazy people and then gave him a huge thumbs up at the end.  Thanks, daddy, for embarrassing yourself at the kiddie pool all for our personal enjoyment 🙂

So, yeah.  Operation Indoor Pool was a success.  He even met a lady friend, chatted her up and talked her into ditching the slide in favor of hanging out on the dragon tail with him.  Too bad Dad came over to get him to leave shortly after.  Dads ruin everything, man.

The end result is that we’ve signed him up for swimming lessons, the price is good and we know he’s going to like them.  I never took any swimming lessons and I kinda look like a sea otter having a seizure when I swim across the water, I’d like a life less embarrassing for my kid.  So there you go.

After the long swim needless to say the Doots was exhausted.  So we went home, shoved some food in him, and sent him off for an early bedtime.  Not so much as a wimper of complaint from the kiddo (and he didn’t wake us up until 8:30a on Sunday, huzzah!).  We watched KU blow the ball game at the end.  Fun times.  And gawd, but I am kinda tired of this team choking.  February is upon us, boys, time to buck up.

Sunday the rain finally stopped.  Yay!  It was chilly, but we still ventured downtown for some quality running-around time and lunch.  And that’s a cracker in Pete’s mouth in the right-hand photo, not a cigarette or toothpick 😉

Lunch at our favorite place in all of Lawrence.  Pete too is quite fond of Free State, he points the building out on our rides to/from daycare every morning and chats with me on the merits of their french fries and fruit plate.   They had a Saison on tap and Scott got a glass; looked mighty tasty (I went the IPA route instead; I’m dieting and allow myself one beer a week, and by god it’s going to be an IPA when I have it).

Scott took my picture when I wasn’t really expecting it (I barely had time to snarl at him).  Lovely.  I paid the same respect to him.  Enjoy our mugs for once instead of the constant Pete overload.  Don’t I look loverly when I’m makeup-free with my hair in messy braids?

After our meal Pete insisted we run all the way back to the car.  Good thing we only parked two-ish blocks away.

Later we played played played, made Buffalo chicken nachos and jalapeno popper dip for dinner while watching the Super Bowl, and pretty much just took it easy.  By the way, if you ever try the popper dip – I used light mayo and light cream cheese, and added twice the amount of jalapeno.  Turned out perfect.

Oh, and I made some pretty awesome cookies that I will be blogging about later.  I won’t ruin the surprise quite yet and tell you what the main ingredient is, but do know it’s not normal (probably gag-inducing to some people) but that didn’t stop the guys from eating several.  I even had 2 myself this weekend.  So there, they are yummy.

That’s about all the news that is fit to print.  We toured a preschool, it is lovely and perfect and we are officially on the Waiting List.  I planned to send Pete to St. Johns (our parish school), but this is more in line with what we currently pay and we really love the place (and he is going to learn a ton here, they have an amazing curriculum).  Now to break the news to our current daycare, that is not going to be easy.  Sigh.


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