Week in Review – 29 January 2012

What happened this week, hmmm let’s see.  I headed to Kansas City about 37 times (slight exaggeration, and actually I had a KC-area thing that was cancelled so it was one less trip on Tuesday night which was nice).  I got another cold.  Scott got this one too as well, so I guess at least I’m not alone and we are in misery yet again together.  Except it was Our Loss in the end, neither of us could taste much of anything and so we had to cancel our Friday plans to dine at Julian.  Sads.  We will get there some day.  If that little germ machine stops spreading his germs to us, anyway.


Friday I took the day off to take care of some business-related things.  After all that was finished up, Scott and I had a nice long lunch at 715, followed by some shopping and a movie.  




I brought my camera along, I knew the restaurant and theater would be dark and I haven’t really given the camera a spin at a nice, high ISO yet.  Ummmm that was eye-opening.  Even in dark old Liberty Hall, I got some clean (and not terribly noisy) shots.  Helllooooo, new camera, I think we are going to have some fun times together.

PS – saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I read it was not living up to the hype. I think it kinda dragged a little in spots but otherwise was really good. Great acting all-around, so good in fact that I was able to kinda forget about that terrible wig Tom Hardy was wearing.

Skipping to Saturday – Julie and Bridget came over to check out the Lawrence Indoor Pool with us, but alas – the thing doesn’t open until the afternoon (sidenote: LAME) so we just stuck around our house and let them play. They did pretty good together until near the end, when Pete decided he no longer wanted to share his toys with her. And girlfriend wasn’t going to back down to him, ooooooh hell naw. Who could blame her, really. So he got a talking-to from mom, and was horribly embarrassed that he was reprimanded in front of PEOPLE, and decided the best thing to do at the moment was wallow in his despair by rolling himself into the floor rug and sniffling loudly. So melodramatic, the kids these days.

That afternoon Pete and I baked a very very apple-centric cake. I promised to do some guest blogging but I kinda left the actual post-related work for the last second, nothing quite like good old fashioned procrastination. Anyway, I probably should turn it in by end-of-day tomorrow but haven’t done much with the images/write-up yet, so I think tomorrow I might be working on it kinda late.

I took some shots of the finished mini-cakes early this morning, hoping I could get it done before the boys wandered into the kitchen, but it didn’t take long for a little step stool to be pushed up next to me and once that kid spied the ice cream, it was all over. Hopefully I got some decent ones before he dug in.

He actually fit all that ice cream in his mouth, somehow. It’s vaguely horrifying to watch your kid maul some cake and ice cream like that but then again: bonus points for not making a mess. He didn’t eat much of the cake, admittedly (went right for the good stuff instead) but Scott cheerfully helped by polishing off the cake portion for his own breakfast.

Meanwhile, I had some Diet Coke and an apple for breakfast. Yay for diets, huzzah. And then when my back was turned Pete stole my apple so I didn’t even get to finish it. Brat.

Sunday I met up with Nikki et al., to catch a matinee of The Artist. I walked into the theater thinking the film was overrated, all the critics gush over it and after awhile it makes me dislike a movie. I must admit though: it is so sweet and lovely, I loved it. It does live up to the hype.

That’s about it. Lots of errands and cleaning and other boring stuff also happened, as well as some toddler breakouts of The Sads that we had to soothe with lots of hugs, but all of that is less than exciting to hear about. So we’ll just make a nice break here.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot, the WORST THING TO HAPPEN ALL WEEK EVAR – the Oscar nominations were announced. And they are disappointing (yet again). Sooooo many good performances were ignored, and good movies, and I’m sorry but that Tom Hanks movie in the Best Picture category?? No. Just, no. And 2011 really was a great year of movies, that makes it even more sad that they missed the mark on so many choices.


Anyhoo. I have decided this year that instead of making sure I watch all the nominated films, I have my own Anti-Oscar list and watch the great movies that they completely ignored. Still to see on my list: Young Adult, Drive, Take Shelter, and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Oh, and also Shame. At least I’m not alone in my sorrows, I mean check out Patton Oswalt’s Tweets…

Anyway, rant over. See you next week, my pets! Have a lovely one!


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