Week in Review – 22 January 2012

Not a lot to say this week – I’m sick again. That would be the 3rd time in less than 3 months; I think I was healthy for an entire week before this hit. Every winter it shocks me just how often I get sick now that we have a kid, and I am looking forward to when that ‘stage’ ends. It ends at some point, right? Yeah? No?

Anyhoo – just work and germs and the normal stuff. I’ve met up with friends, have had two prospective client meetings (yeah!) and ummmmmm let’s see. I got the rest of the holiday stuff finally packed up and tucked it away in the attic. So that’ about covers things. Oh, and my dear friend Nikki sent me a plant and that pretty much made my snot-and-congestion-filled week.

One of my potential-client ‘meetings’ was at Zona Rosa in KC, so the boys tagged along and checked out a few stores while I had the meeting. Then we grabbed some lunch and walked around a bit. Scott decided to sit next to Pete this meal, usually that is my spot, and he wrapped one arm about Doots while his eyes rolled heavenward. For about 75% of the meal. Welcome to being the toddler wrangler in a restaurant, my dear. That kid is adorable but he sure is squirrel-y when cornered into a restaurant booth.

We have only been to Zona Rosa one other time, true story. It’s a cute little area; we’ll have to head back some day. Pete certainly enjoyed tearing around the place (like seriously, where do toddlers get all that energy? That kid wakes up wanting to run and ends his day doing laps in his room before bedtime, no lie. It is baffling).

(PS – Those post-bath, pre-bedtime laps are quite entertaining due to the fact that he disrobes from his towel and happily chirps “I AM A NUDE CHOO-CHOO!” while doing them.)

I feel like I’ve been slacking with the blogging. I’ve shot a few good recipes even, just can’t seem to find the time to edit and do a write up. I’m hoping to change that soon, I have homemade Pop Tarts and Cinnamon Cake and a cool little Double Apple Bundt Cake to tell you about.


I promised an update on that blonde, curly-headed chap awhile ago, but with work and the photography business stuff and the holidays and all that other fun junk called Boring Grown Up Responsibilities, I plum forgot.

So maybe we just sneak that in now, shall we? Ladies and gentlemen: This is the chatterbox, the jokester, and my sunny little sidekick – the one and only Peter Ray The Doots.

He thinks his last name is “The Doots”, anyway. Don’t try to convince him otherwise, he’s rather adamant about it.

He really is a dream of a kid. We have struggles with independence and tantrums, I mean it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t, but for the most part he’s just a goofy little ham. His favorite phrase is “sure we can!/sure you can!”, and we hear it a lot. Whether or not we are actually speaking to him or just muttering things to remember to ourselves. He sings all his songs to the tune of Jingle Bells, regardless of the words, and you can hear many an improvised song being belted out up in his room when he’s supposed to be sleeping. He’s fighting potty training tooth and nail, but in a polite way. The more we bring up how awesome the potty and underpants are, the more he will randomly stop to tell us about how much he just looooooooves diapers. Well okay, then. We’ll get there before preschool, that’s all that matters.

He is still obsessed with trains, but now is into the whole Disney-Cars thing as well. He eats clementines about at the rate of one an hour. At first he thought an ‘Eskimo kiss’ meant you rubbed your nose. Like, stand back and rub your nose with your hand. I did my best to explain. Nowadays it’s a very serious affair, he grabs your face and looks you square in the eye, then plants a big kiss on your nose and ‘rubs it in’ by rubbing noses with you. I plan to never correct him on that.


The Doots is fiercely protective of his kittens (also affectionately referred to as his ‘friends’ or his ‘babies’). They come down with him in the morning and sit with him while he has a cup of milk and some cereal, they come along for the car ride to daycare. Every evening he spends the drive home talking to them quietly in the back seat, gently patting their heads. He drags them around everywhere, and at bedtime they have a tea party on the floor before they all hop into bed. At this point I’m not sure what bond is stronger – the one with choo-choo trains, or with his babies.

He loves ‘sandwich’ hugs, and earlier this week informed us that when we do them, that he’s the cheese. He knows several types of train cars and will put you to shame by pointing them all out when we see a train on our way to daycare. He named his nightlight “Bald Man” and makes sure he is perched precariously on his headboard every night before going to bed.

He sleeps with about two dozen stuffed animals in his bed (no, really), and sometimes when I go up to get him in the morning and he’s still asleep, I’ll find him snoozing away while perched on top of a mountain of them – something he did a ton when he had his full leg cast last year and wanted to sleep on his tummy.

He’s pretty bad at brushing his teeth, but we’re working on that. If he is thinking really really hard about a situation while trying to talk it out, he sounds like Milton from Office Space and it is pretty darn awesome. He thinks all soda is medicine and therefore steers clear these days (thanks to 7up and my colds for that brilliant idea). Today I put him in time-out in the usual spot, the stairway to his room, and when I went to get him out he wiped his eyes and pointed to the framed Chicago World’s Fair poster in the stairway and told me about the big As and small As and that there were 3 Os. I mean, there were actually 5 Os, but I let that one slide…

He’s just the sweetest thing and I count my blessings every day that he’s really ours. Even though when he gets bored on car rides he does bizarre stuff in the back seat, like spend 10 minutes pretending Momo’s tail is a flute.

Maybe this week is The Week, where those Terrible Twos finally emerge and he’s hateful and a monster but his personality is pretty mellow so I’m hoping we get to skip that whole mess. What we have now is so much more lovely.



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  1. delightful post!!!! glad you all are enjoying the mellow! feel better!!

  2. Well I pretty much just want a Pete of my very own.

  3. Oh my dear sweet Em, haven’t you heard that there is no such thing as the terrible twos, it is beginning of the THREES. but we are half way to 4 now, and I am enjoying lots of playing and cuddling time again. And each kid is different, you might not experience a really difficult time… well until maybe teen years.

    • Ah yes, I had a coworker beat feet to my cube first thing this morning to give me the same sort of advice 😉 I’m aware it is coming, just wanted to do an update and am thankful that, THUS FAR, no monsters have emerged from the boy 🙂

  4. So, restaurants: We usually ask Maddie whom she wants to sit by, Mommy or Daddy, and then we silently laugh and point at the chosen one because the wrangling…ugh. The Salty Iguana near our place is the worst because they have these metal, “iguana” screen things between booths, and Maddie seems to think this makes it okay to stand up in the booth and stare at other diners. It does not…it is creepy.

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