Week in Review – 8 January 2012

Hi. Big week. This happened:

That would be the new camera on the left, I was shocked to find that sucker sitting on our front porch when I got off work on Friday. Darn that appointment we had so I didn’t have time to charge the battery right away; had to wait until after we got home and got dinner started and anyway, it was too late for any good photos by the time the battery was charged and I had breezed through several pages of the manual. Didn’t stop me from shooting away throughout the house, though, breaking in the new lens as well (new camera + fx format = finally got that 50mm because it will actually WORK like a 50mm, what a concept).

Old D40 (obviously) on the right. I loved that thing, I did. There are still dried bits of flour deep in the crevices from my food blogging days, it makes a whirly-grind noise instead of that glorious soft fluttery noise when it was new, but I still love it so. I think I’ll have it refurbished when I have the chance. And it’s not totally going away, it’ll be perfect for now for those days when I’m too chicken to take out the new camera on some extra-dirty adventure. Let’s just call it semi-retirement for the old D40, shall we?

So yeah. That was the highlight of my week, given that work was insane and I’m still fighting the sinus infection (so tired! And still smelling that weird metallic smell that I do when I have sinus infections, gross). I could not wait for Saturday morning, as soon as the sun peeked over the trees I stepped outside and took a few shots. Here is what I am calling my first official shot (although really it’s just my first without glaring artificial light of my living room).

Then I stepped inside and shot the coat rack by the door. Exciting stuff, my friends, I am sure. Well, to me anyway.

And then the boys were my guinea pigs, they thought they were safe hiding in the comfort of down blankets, but heh – no, my darlings. At least Pete was game to be a test subject.

And then he started to screech like a howler monkey for milk Milk MILKY MOM MOMMY MOOOOOOM WHERE IS MY MIIIIIIIILK, so we headed to the kitchen to get some freaking milk, omg. And Scott made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Where would I be without a husband who loves to cook breakfast, I have to wonder? It would be a sad world of bland lumpy oatmeal or cold cereal for me and the Doots.

I gave one last smooch to that adorable face and then hit the shower, packed my camera bag, and headed for KC for the day.

I had a photo shoot, some errands to run, and then relaxed in the evening with my favorite girls at the End Of Year Book Club Holiday Extravaganza. I should probably mention that I am not actually a member of this particular book club, but they were nice and let me in the door anyway. On my way home I stopped at Price Chopper (PC) – Amber, I partially like going to your house for its proximity to PC, and I won’t lie, and it’s abundance of Shatto Root Beer Milk. So I picked up a half gallon of the Good Stuff on the way home and Pete’s been begging for never-ending cups of “the ‘peshul ‘peshul milk” all day today.



Sunday we met up with my parents and Tinnie and Cat – my niece Cat was in Kansas for a visit, so we had a quick visit over lunch at The Legends and it was way too short, then she was off back to Milwaukee. Sniff. Longer visits next time, for sure. Afterwards we bummed around the stores a bit and checked out the fountain before hitting up Trader Joes for some goodies – you will never guess who we ran into while there, oh no just guess, oh no but yeah: my parents and Tinnie. AGAIN. Hee! If I am ever unable to locate family members I will make sure to check the Ward Parkway Trader Joes first before calling the authorities.

The shoot this weekend was a perfect start to 2012 – a lovely party for a sweet baby girl, with a nice fire-alarm surprise tossed in for good measure (because Kennedy cannot have a normal party, oh no, she demands excitement and a party that no one will forget). But more on that to come later in the week 🙂

Have a great week, all!



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  1. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the B&W ones. So exciting to have a new (working!) camera.

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