Week in Review – 2 January 2012

Hi. I continue to die. I writhed through the rest of the week and the fever finally broke Friday afternoon sometime (woot!) and needless to say: the doctor secluded me to house arrest the rest of the week. Which sounds awesome but working from home is overrated, yo, for one it’s kinda lonely and you can’t watch TV like you think you can (because it is DISTRACTING OMG SORRY MATT BOMER I KNOW I’M ONLY TWO EPISODES IN BUT NO MORE WHITE COLLAR FOR MEEEEEEEE). For another: I have to work on the laptop, in the living room, so hunched over the coffeetable at a weird angle and holy moly, but it took about 3 hours to realize that my hips don’t really appreciate that kind of thing. They ache just thinking about it right now, gawd.

Anyway, I feel a million times better now.  And no one wants to see a picture of 3-boxes-worth of used Kleenex, nor do they want to see the charming array of drugs on the bathroom counter that rival your grandmother’s daily stash, so I have no pictures to share about that whole chapter of my blessed life. Instead check out a picture I snapped of the book our dear neighbors gave Pete for Christmas this year. I can’t stop staring at it, mainly because the child in the book looks eerily similar to someone and oh gee I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

WEIRD RIGHT. And they can’t figure out why they were drawn to that book for him…  Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, stuff. So the week was spent languishing at home and I swear to god, if for my hips alone I was very glad when closing time rolled around on Friday. That and the weather – oh my goodness, the glorious weather. Friday evening and Saturday were both spent enjoying some outside time. Bubbles and chalk, both saved from the dreary shelf in the back hall where we were storing them for the winter, allowed a short reprieve while this mid-60s and sun were on the forecast.

After all the fun outside time, we celebrated New Year’s Eve – made a ton of dips, broke out the old chip-n-dips, and whipped up some cocktail weinies (Pete was all nonchalant about the whole thing until he spied the cocktail weinies, asked “oh hey, are those baby hotdogs?” and proceeded to eat the entire dish. Atta boy. And no yeah, but really: “oh hey” is seriously part of his vocabulary. As well as “oh yeah?” in a classic Wisconsin accent, he randomly referring to us as “you guys”, and he prefaces any good stall with “oh hey lemme show you sumpin’ first”. Definitely his mother’s son).

Shortly after the child went to bed, and Scottie and I rang in the New Year with a few rented movies and some Sam Adams Infinium (note: I still can’t smell/taste anything, but that stuff? Definitely could tell it was sweet; and it was fizzy, so a decent stand-in for champagne). I pretended not to zonk out on the couch and Scott was nice enough to pretend to talk to me like I totally wasn’t snoring in his face, so that I’d wake back up in time to ring in the New Year. Thanks, baby.  So huzzah, welcome to 2012! About 20 minutes later I finally admitted defeat and dragged my sorry self off to bed. The end.

And the next morning the boys kicked me out of bed and proceeded to take over.  HELLOOOOO, RUDE.

The next couple of days were spent packing up holiday stuff, cleaning, and baking this awesome chocolate cinnamon coffeecake concoction (blogging about it later, PROMISE).

We also ventured out to get me a camera upgrade.  My friends, I oh-so-naively thought that I could saunter into an electronics store that advertised (online) that they had it available for purchase, to pick one up or at the very least, order one to come in later.  Ha.  HAAAAAA, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  No.  It turns out that, to add insult to the injury of paying three grand for the thing, this camera also happens to be hard to actually OBTAIN anywhere.  Lovely, just lovely.  So I claimed defeat and sobbed into my sad little hands about OH MAH GAWD THE HUMANITY all the way back to Lawrence.  And Scott, my dear ever-suffering husband, did some online sleuthing and found me one (…of only two that this store had in stock) and ordered it.  As well as the next lens I desperately need.  So I will soon be the proud owner of one hell of a camera upgrade, and frankly not soon enough as my dear current camera has seen many a better day.  Thank goodness for husbands, is all I have to say. *

So, yeah.  We went back to laying about, and maybe somewhat doing something (like ordering a few gifts online and me FINALLY finishing the editing of all those vacation photos from September, and popping them online to maybe FINALLY pull together a photobook like I’ve been talking about for months).  But for the most part, we took it easy and enjoyed the last of our holiday days.

This evening we did more holiday shopping (still have one last Christmas in a few weeks, gotta prepare), and had dinner downtown. Second time in a little over a week, at the same old favorite spot (even Pete, when we drive past Free State, will usually tell me “I want to eat there now”).  A few of the holiday lights are still up, I’d imagine not for long though, so I took a few shots.  Every year I talk about taking photos of my favorite holiday window displays downtown and every year, the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday gets in the way and I don’t do it.  Next year, I promise.  2012 looks like a good year for that sort of thing, hitting my goals.

* Speaking of goals: I have to say, if you had told me last year at this time that I’d be several photo sesssions deep into an actual, honest-to-god photography business, and that I had just purchased a D700 and had a few more nice lenses under my belt (as well as a website, like a real actual business website, more on that coming….) I would have told you that you were really and truly insane.  And yet, here I stand.  Life is a weird, strange, wonderful thing, and I really truly do look forward to what 2012 brings.   Happy New Year, my darlings, I hope everyone had a fantastic night and best wishes for a good year ahead!


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