Week in Review – late December blah blah blah

I should have posted this days ago, I know. Except I have basically been dying for 4 days, turns out I have a wicked sinus infection + chest cold + awful high temps. Like, my doctor actually loudly said “holy crap!” after taking my temp this morning, and it was only 103.6F (I have seen higher in these 4 days, sadly). SO ANYWAY – I haven’t been up for much, to be honest, blogging included.

I thought I’d share a few photos from the lovely holiday, just a quick basic edit to the pictures and up they go.

On the 23rd, we did a TON of baking, then packaged up all the goodies and did the rounds to drop off goodie boxes with all the neighbors. Then we headed out to deliver our daycare provider’s gift, and stopped for dinner on Mass St.

After getting home, we opened gifts from Annie and Paul – lots of goodies, kitties, and choo-choo stuff. The new stuffed kitty is officially named “Charlotte” and she fits in with Momo and Cotton nicely.

Eventually we talked Pete into putting out a cookie plate for Santa and whisked him off to bed. Santa came to visit on Christmas Eve morning for us this year, as we had some traveling to do.

And then next thing you know it was time to wake up and check out the Santa loot 🙂

Later that afternoon we hit the road – off to see the Kemmeters! The cousins, as always, were quite happy to see each other. We caught up, had a nice dinner, then opened gifts.

Just a sampling of Pete’s gifts.  Spoiled thing.

We all headed to bed early, and went to the early Christmas Mass. I packed Pete’s gray mod suit, and planned to have him wear it with his new choo-choo shirt, black herringbone boat shoes, and matching gray fedora (with a holly/berry sprig tucked on the side). Well, we got the suit/shirt on him, but he insisted on this hat instead and refused to leave the house in anything but his slippers. Lovely ensemble.

Christmas was really low key, we all just sat around and stuffed our faces (Cinnabons for breakfast! Huge spread for lunch! Roast and all the fixings for dinner!). I was already feeling a wee bit under the weather so didn’t take many photos.

And that was pretty much that. We left for home around 5pm, and before we pulled out of town Pete was already zonked out in the back seat (did I mention he didn’t nap for 2 days, with all this holiday excitement?). He didn’t wake up until 8am the next morning. No lie, it was a total Christmas miracle.

That’s it, my friends, the full story. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for some steroid treatment and more antibiotic and my sorry butt is crawling back into bed. Have a good week, folks, and for goodness sake take your vitamins so you don’t end up a sad sack like me.


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