Holiday Treats

Today we did all the baking, and put together the gift baskets.  Below is the official tally of goodies for this holiday season:

All quality tested at home and Mueller approved 🙂 You can find the recipes as follows:

Walnut cookies – this was a new recipe for me, to break in my new walnut cookie mold. Total pain-in-the-butt to make, but taste lovely and very pretty.

Chocolate-covered Oreos – easy and quick and always appreciated. A holiday gift staple.

Spritz – broke in my new cookie press! Used the old (new) reliable recipe, worked like a charm. Think it’s a keeper.

Grandma Bars – a definite family favorite, I may have dipped into the tin of these a few times already today…

Layered Peppermint Crunch Bark – not something I usually attempt, however this recipe came well recommended, and it’s pretty darn good I must admit.

Peanut Butter Balls – yum. Forever thanks to my sister Coco for passing this one along.

Cherry White Chocolate Shortbreads – these are also new. Very pretty and super-yummy. I used candied cherries rather than maraschino cherries (like the kind you probably buy for fruitcake; I got mine at the Nifty Nuthouse), worked really well.

Molasses cookies – my grandma’s famous recipe (sorry, I’ve posted that sucker NOWHERE, it’s safe in the family recipe vault. Well, and in the family cookbook you can probably find on Blurb. BUT YOU’D HAVE TO BUY IT TO ACTUALLY GET THE RECIPE SO THERE).


Happy holidays all!


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