Week in Review – 18 December 2011

Hullo.  I love the holiday season, I do.  All the bustling and shopping and baking and wrapping.  It doesn’t phase me, at least this year.  Well, thanks to a glass of wine whilst gift wrapping 🙂   Pete too loves the holiday, mainly because there is a tabletop full of expensive Hallmark Santas just begging for him to sneak off and play with (and kinda sorta knock off a delicate piece from a few times; thank goodness for Super Glue).

I don’t have a card tree or any of that fancy stuff, I’ve been attaching cards to doorways in the past but they kinda don’t work as well.  This year I’ve been taping them to the frames in the living room and it seems to be working just fine.  We’ll see what it’s like when the tape comes off…

This weekend was our official visit to see Santa, along with the Kansas Southern Holiday Train (thanks to my friend Robin for passing along her tickets, so we didn’t have to languish in a long line!).  I bought Pete an awesome plaid blazer at a vintage shop, it was from 1961 and I just adore the thing.  He’s worn it a few times already, a few months ago when it first started getting chilly, but we wanted especially to put it on him this year for his Santa visit.

There we were, five minutes before we left the house, squishing him into the thing.  Er, he seemed to have grown a bit since the last time he wore it…  We got it buttoned, and he stood there, stock still.  Scott told him, “try to lift your arms, Pete”.  Up slowly went the arms, and ZIIIIIIING off flew one of the gold buttons, it could have taken out an eye at the velocity it shot off.  Um.  Yeah.  Off came the amazing vintage blazer.  I made Pete model the thing one last time today, so you could see its awesomeness before I have to pack it away in the attic.

So we got to Union Station for the holiday train/Santa thing, and stood in the line to see Santa.  And about 3 kids from the front, Pete turned to us and said “um, no.  No.  Mommy?  Uh-uh, no.” and that was that.  He was super-excited to see him and planned his speech about what he wanted for Christmas, but when it came down to it he was a little overwhelmed.   So we hopped out of line and went directly to the holiday train.

This train took maybe fifteen minutes tops to walk through.  No matter, it was pretty cool and worth it.  There were four train cars to walk through, all decorated to the hilt and with model trains going.  There was a flat car with reindeer, and the engine “Rudy” was decorated with lights.

Afterwards we headed back into Union Station, to take in the lights and model train exhibit.

All of Union Station is pretty gorgeous this time of year.

We walked along Freight House Bridge to see everything from above.  We were lucky enough to catch a train while up there.

We were going to hit up Jack Stack for dinner, but at 4:45p there was already a 70-minute wait (I should add that the place was teeming with Packers fans at the time, they were EVERYWHERE.  Not like I’m complaining, but I do blame them for the wait…).  We decided to drive to Waldo Pizza for dinner instead, and took in the Plaza lights along the way.

No holiday season is complete without a stop to see the Falmouth house, which is exactly what we did before leaving Kansas City.  Pete wasn’t scared of the animitronics this year, which was nice, and we also got the obligatory photo in the sleigh before leaving.  Uh, the place was packed this Saturday, like PACKED.  We parked well down the block this time, and counted 3 limos stopped to watch the display.  Hilarious.

* Side note: on Sunday Pete got yet another fat lip, this time from biting it on the kitchen counter while helping Scott make chili, and it is so heartwarming to see the update from last year at this time to see that hey, lookey there, Pete got a fat lip…

We got home late-ish, Pete went to bed without so much as asking for an extra bedtime story, and next thing you know it was Sunday morning.

We decorated our gingerbread house.   First thing on Sunday, coffees in hand and Pete ‘secretly’ jamming as much of the candy in his mouth as he could whenever I wasn’t looking. Whatever, I saw you dude.  Pete put random pieces on the house and I filled in the roof/sides with stuff.  Okay, I have to say: kudos to those of you that I know who do gingerbread houses (my niece included, hers is the 2nd from the left that they all drool over in this video 🙂  ) – our house is all crooked and smeared and not quite that pretty, and it took me a loooooong time to add all those butterscotch chips to the roof, yo.  So anyway, I envy you professional gingerbread masters out there.

Then we knocked out some of the holiday treats, namely chocolate-covered Oreos.  Pete added the sprinkles.  He’s a Nazi with the sprinkles, there was no taking them away from him.  He really loves the red sprinkles.

I planned on busting out a few more recipes, but ran out of time.  C’est la vie.   Pete and I played a bit and he grabbed my sunglasses (no longer a sunglass killer, this is a good thing) and pretended they were an airplane for a good 10 minutes.  Then he pretended to put them on backwards, which made me laugh. Because I laughed, in usual toddler fashion, he then did it about 27 more times.

Sunday afternoon I attended a baby shower.  A penguin-themed baby shower for Ashley, and it was freaking adorable and I could never plan anything that cute in my life, the end.  The cake was huuuuge and decorations were adorable and it was amazing, right down to the penguin jell-o treats and grown-up root-beer floats.

The Packers/Chiefs game was one while there.  The Packers lost, they LOST.  And I was in a sea of Chiefs fans when it happened.  It hurt, but can I say?  If the Packers went down to any team, I don’t think anyone was more deserving than the Chiefs, they had a hard year.  So there is that.

Next week we have a few holiday parties (and mommy has a dinner/movie date with her favorite Julies) and then there is that little thing known as CHRISTMAS at the end of the week, so yeah – probably lots of fun updates ahead 🙂   Have a lovely week, all!  See you again soon.


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  1. I keep wondering if we should see Santa this year…I think it would just be scream-y. Love that blazer though! We have a cute one that I picked up at the flea market, and you’ve reminded me that I need to try it on the little guy to see if it fits yet.

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