Week in Review 11 December 2011

It’s been a jam-packed week around here!

St. Nick stopped by on Tuesday.  Our St. Nick doesn’t leave treats in boots/shoes, but instead drops a bag-o-goodies at the back door at some point in the evening.

Pete scored some candy, toy cars, a new ornament (a train, which totally distracted him from even the candy, he obviously he was mind-blowingly excited), and the usual new toothbrush.  This one lights up and flashes for the full time he needs to invest in brushing the bugs off his teeth, so that made it kinda cool.

Hilariously enough – the St. Nick bag mysteriously disappeared for a few minutes and then magically re-appeared with my name on it.  Containing a new pair of ear buds for me.  Man, it’s funny that St. Nick knew to get me a pair, because I’ve been driving Scott absolutely NUTS because I keep stealing his after I wrecked my pair last month…

Other weeknight activities included lots of photo editing (done for the year!  Yeah!) and taking Pete to the sitters one night so that us grown-ups could take in a KU game.  We also drove around and looked at lights.  Frosty was on TV on Thursday night, and Rudolph was on (again!) on this weekend. It’s been lots of holiday goings-on, I should just say.

Also: I was going to make an animated .gif of the awesomest display in town (it takes ‘synchronized to music’ to a whole new level), but got lazy and so here you go, just one murky shot taken from inside the car.  Sorry I didn’t try harder at that one.

Nikki came to visit one day.  We had a lovely breakfast of Munchers and coffee, sat around and chatted for a loooooong time, then did some shopping and had a lovely lunch/movie date.  We saw J. Edgar, and for the record: it pretty much sucked.  I usually try not to be annoying during a movie but thankfully we were in an almost-empty theater so we were free to giggle at the terrible writing and insanely-bad make-up as much as we liked.  We also saw what was pretty much the hugest spider either of us have ever seen in our entire lives.  We stared and it for awhile and kept asking each other if that actually truly was a spider, I mean it was just so big, then finally decided to drop a heavy box on top of it in an attempt to kill it.  Or maybe just smother it, I’m not sure if even a heavy box would have actually squashed that thing.

A picture of delicious cream cheese donuts just isn’t the same after a story about spider guts, huh?

Saturday we hit up the Farmers Market Holiday Mart.  Lots of fruits, veggies, baked goods, cheeses, homemade gifts; just all sorts of awesome things.  It was packed, as usual, but wider aisles this year so we managed fine.

We picked up some cheeses, gifts, and this awesome gooseberry chutney.  We’ve already inhaled half the jar.

Pete wasn’t doing too hot at the holiday mart, so we skipped the other shopping plans for the day and went home instead.  He was feverish and had that hallmark barking cough, we knew it was croup.  He had some trouble breathing in the evening but it was nothing a good steam treatment couldn’t fix.  Besides, I let him stand on the counters and dig in the upper cabinets (steam was better up there), and he discovered a huge box of purple cannons.  So he spent his 20-minute bathroom quarantine shooting cannons at poor Mo-Mo.

Then he insisted on bringing his purple cannons into the living room where they magically became finger guns and yeah, okay. I am Officially Over the kid digging around in my cabinets.

Sunday he woke up a little better.  So we were able to get a few more things knocked out – we shopped, worked on holiday cards, and wrapped gifts.  We got all the mailing packages packed up and in the car (WHEW), we made some pretty awesome cookies that will probably be blogged about in the near future.  Cherry white chocolate shortbreads, mmmmm.

I am not the world’s best gift wrapper, and there were a few things that didn’t fit as I had hoped so they had to be stuffed in unexpected packaging (or I used a lot of tape to get the job done.  A LOT of tape).  But they are officially wrapped and under the tree.  That’s kinda all I care about at this point.

I had a few more stories, like the fact that I introduced Scott to the cimematic masterpiece that is known as Heathers (he had never heard of it before, TRUE STORY) or how I stubbed one of my toes and am now randomly missing a huge triangle-shaped piece out of the center of said nail (yeah, just the middle), but those are admittedly probably not anything you guys want to hear more about, so will refrain from going into more detail.  Will have another faithful update next week, until then: happy holidays, all 🙂


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