Week in Review – 04 Dec 2011

Hello and a happy Sunday! And also: thank gawd that it is no longer November. Remind me next year that doing NaBloPoMo is a baaaaaad idea, yeah. That I will hate it and regret joining up and it will be a complete and utter mess of boring posts that none of the people who visit this site will want to sit through day after day after blessed day. The end. Oh my goodness, I have never been so happy for December in my life…

So, it’s officially the holiday season. That means all the awesome holiday things have come out in force. Like the nutcrackers, which Pete has finally come around to (after I told him their moveable mouths were for cracking nuts, not eating his face in the night as he slept). Also: lots of packages of stuff we ordered for Christmas presents, the gifts cushioned nicely in packing peanuts. Pete’s eyes lit up when we told him they were packing peanuts. He grabbed handfuls and scooted off, and we were slightly confused until we found him lovingly muttering while feeding them to the nutcrackers.

The holiday season also means all kinds of fun stuff like making hot chocolate from scratch on the stovetop (I like this recipe plus a few tablespoons of a nice dark chocolate, and (my secret ingredient) about a teaspoon of instant coffee). We unpacked all the rest of the decorations and got the tree put up in the living room. And watched Rudolph. Which was awesome, even though he was terrified of the Abominable Snow Monster, and I officially love the holiday season even more if that is even humanly possible, because I pretty much adored it to the max already before this year.

As a random side note: Pete told me the other night that “Momo and Cotton are having coffee” and after he went to take a bath I noticed the following tableaux on the living-room couch. Um, dude, I am pretty sure that is moonshine not coffee, also why is there a giant butcher knife and I don’t get the inclusion of cheese. But whatever. Toddlers are weird.

Saturday Timmy came up for a visit, he officially came up to take in the Jayhawks game with Scott but was nice and came early and hung out as we went to the parade. Now, I should mention at this point that I’ve been fighting a nasty chest cold for about 3 days at this point. I was mega-tired and could hardly breathe and was dying to put on my yoga pants and crawl back into my warm cozy bed, but I sucked it up like a grown-up and put on my smiley face to hit up the parade instead.

If you recall, the past few years it has been bitterly cold on parade day. This year was warmer, in the upper 40s, however: rainy. Like, down-pour-y rainy. Yeah. So we grabbed some hot cocoa from Java Break to start, then found a spot on the beginning of the parade route. As in, a spot that was slightly covered from the rain but more importantly: was a doorway to a bunch of business offices, so we could sneak into the doorway whenever it was raining hard. Which was often. Thank goodness for that doorway, is all I’m saying.

Yeah. They kinda rushed through the last two-thirds of the parade, and what usually takes about an hour took a grand total of twenty-five minutes. No bother. That meant we could hit up Free State earlier than usual. Now: when downtown for the parade we used to hit up Santa and the gingerbread-exhibit first, but we skipped all that this year. In favor of food and beer. Totally not disappointed in the least.

Later Pete and I dropped off the boys at the Fieldhouse, and Pete sobbed as I pulled away from the Fieldhouse because “noooo I wanna go to Jayhawk’s house tooooooooo”, but too bad dude. We did our grocery-shopping and ran some errands and played at home instead. I am sure he will live.

Sunday we took it easy, did some things around the house and took in the Packers game. Pete broke out his cheesehead and basically man-handled it for a good 30 minutes while I took photos. Thankfully the Packers still won and are still undefeated.

And that about covers things. I had a few photo sessions on Sunday, the last of the year for me. We put together gingerbread houses, sat for family photos, and played hardcore in the LAC. Not a bad way to end the year 🙂



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  1. Thanks for coming out on Sunday. After you left… AJ was asking where Emily went 😉 apparently you made an impression. Thanks again. Also, some days, I would prefer moonshine over coffee, wouldn’t you?

    • Well Pete keeps telling me “that’s my best friend!” when he sees AJ on the computer, so: I think we should have a playdate sometime this winter 🙂 Moonshine IN the coffee, that’s my motto 😉

  2. Your little one is adorable! He’s lucky to have a mom that remembers to bring her camera along on family outings. 🙂 I’m not one of those mothers.

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