Week in Review – 27 Nov 2011

What did we do this week?

We hustled around, prepping and baking and packing and then heading to Halstead to visit the in-laws for Thanksgiving.

We enjoyed lots and lots of family (and foooooood) at said Thanksgiving.

We did a little (child-free, thank you in-laws) Black Friday shopping, and enjoyed a long lunch at River City Brewering Co..

We spent some quality time with family, squeezing in a visit to see Scott’s Great Aunt Nora Jane (we haven’t seen her in over a year. That is just WRONG, we need to visit more often). We also enjoyed all the glorious choo-choo views. Pete was in heaven in Halstead.

We then got a ticket driving home (yaaaaaay, what a happy kick off to the holiday season to us).

We set up a few Christmas decorations, and did an inventory on all our awesome ornaments.

We introduced Pete to the glory that is hot chocolate. My friends, I have never seen that child drink anything down so fast. I think the fact that it comes in a grown-up mug with special fancy whipped topping kinda sealed it for him.

We also invested in a lot more hot chocolate packets.

We stayed inside away from the cold cold weather, watching football and planning my holiday cookie plan for the season.

Ummmm, yeah that’s about it.

Oh, and a quick mini-session sort of thing on Sunday, a sweet couple/maternity shoot, more on that later (as usual). And a family session set for tomorrow. More on those later this week 🙂


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