Black Friday

Black Friday! I know what you’re thinking, what lots of people think, the side-eye and wondering how big of an idiot I am (answer: big), etc. etc. etc. Well, let me tell you, when you do it the right way it’s awesome. Usually my buddy Nik and I have a long chatty breakfast, stop at the Nifty Nuthouse to get all sorts of chocolate/nuts/other holiday treats, and then hit up the shopping areas to enjoy the lights, music, and all-around holiday spirit. We don’t go to “get the best deal”, we have no agenda. It’s one of the few times a year we can get together and enjoy each other’s company.

And I don’t think it will ever work this well if it wasn’t for Nikki. She knows just how to get me excited for it and keep me in a good mood. She is also, incidentally, the only friend in the world who could get me to pose like this in the middle of a rummage sale.

And she totally doesn’t mind taking a break from shopping to pose for me on Santa’s lap (I have a great spot for this on the mantle).

Sadly, Nikki has started celebrating Thanksgiving in her own home, which means she is no longer in the vicinity of us, which means no more holiday shopping with the Nik-ster. Which is a bummer. Maybe in the future there will come a year where the stars will align and we’ll once more be reunited on our most favorite day of the year. Until then: miss you, Nik.


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