Week in Review – 20 Nov 2011

Hi again! Let’s see, what is there to talk about this week…

I had things planned 4 evenings during the week last week. This pretty much zapped every bit of social-interaction energy in my body, and I went into hermit-coma mode all weekend long. I don’t know how those extroverted people do it, man.

Oh! Okay and sorry to go off on a tangent, but a side note: daycare gave me the obligatory Halloween artwork that Pete made (see picture below). She told me he drew the smiley face on the bat all by himself, no help. And I love my son and think he’s awesome, I really do, but: I think she might have mixed up his bat face with perhaps an older child’s handiwork. Because I have seen his drawing skillz, man, and when he draws a face it pretty much looks like someone had a seizure with a crayon in their hand. Forget about actual eyeballs and U-shapes.

Also: I stole my niece Mahni’s Kindergarten Lenten artwork. Because the picture cuts it off, just know that this is her recreation of the #7 station “Jesus falls the second time”. I love that thing so much, I really need to scan it so it can be my desktop background forever.

Um, anyway. So the weekend we pretty much stayed home and got things done. Saturday was GORGEOUS, I think it actually hit 70 degrees, so mild and sunny and lovely. Scott took advantage and sucked up the last bit of leaves in the yard and cleaned the gutters. Doots watched from the window and would get really really mad when Scott would not randomly wave back when waved at. Um, honey? He was kinda busy trying not to fall off the ladder, as it was pretty windy. Which should have been a warning as to what was coming.

After Scott cleaned up and Pete took a nap, we headed downtown to enjoy the lovely (yet windy) weather. I grabbed some sweatshirts for me and Pete on the way out the door (Scott already had one) and oh my goodness, I am glad I did. I bet the temperature dropped 30 degrees in the time we were downtown checking things out. I felt really sorry for all those people in short sleeves and shorts.

We did some window shopping and some planning for our holiday shopping. We hit up a new-ish baking supply shop downtown, where Pete found a train cookie cutter. Which he immediately snatched up and started choo-chooing around the floor. So yeah, we are now the proud owners of a train cookie cutter. A bent train cookie cutter, as he then proceeded to drag that thing along the sidewalk the rest of our time on Mass St. It got a good scrubbing once we got home.

Pete is obsessed with all things Christmas. Jock’s Nitch downtown put up a Jayhawk tree a few weeks ago and he always sneaks into that store to check it out.

We also finally made our way to Billy Vanilly (it had its soft opening almost a week earlier, gawd we are so behind the times) and enjoyed a few cupcakes. More on that trip to come later, you know I took an embarrassing number of photos in the shop.

We headed home late, made a late dinner, and all got to bed well past our bedtime (in my defense: all photo sessions are fully edited, burned to disks, and ready to go. Yay me!).

The next morning we, ah. Put up one of the Christmas trees. In my defense: Pete was killing me with his Christmas excitement. Our daycare provider already has her house decorated, and going downtown where several shops are already in the spirit got me excited, and well, you know. Actually – you know what? I need no excuses or apologizing, I was just Ready. I love the holiday and as crappy as things have been going in a lot of friends’ lives lately, they all started putting up decorations early. And I’m all for focusing on the happy rather than all the crud (including this lovely economy). So we, too, got a tree up and decorated and I added some holly berry sprigs to the decorations in the bathroom. Happy holidays, y’all 🙂

We also made cake batter rice krispie treats (sooooo good, so I’m blogging them later in the week). We used cookie cutters to make fun shapes and this bit of remnants looked vaguely like the state of Oklahoma, so I tossed it in the Cookie jar with all the other fun-shaped ones.

My parents made a surprise visit on Sunday – my Muzzy pottery-bombed me with approximately 80 pieces of MarCrest Diasy and Dot stoneware. Ten tubs of the stuff. All evening was spent washing and tucking all that vintage 50s goodness into the cabinets, while also packing up all my plain jane white dinnerware. There is TONS so I don’t have to worry about mis-matching dinnerware pieces anymore whenever we have more than 4 people over for a meal. Plus it’s gorgeous. Be jealous, Kari 😉

And that’s about it, folks. More to come all week, thanks to NaBloPoMo (oh my gawd, but I am so regretting doing that this year, for real). Have a great Thanksgiving week and holiday! And YAY, Christmas is just around the corner!



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