Let’s file this away as: boring.

It’s, um… About an hour before my daily deadline. And I’m staring at the computer and my mind is a blank. I’m tired! Long week of working and other stuff and I am ready to just drop into bed, not update the blog. I feel like a giant dum-dum signing up for this goofy daily-blogging thing. And yet here I sit, trying to get something eeked out.


Does that count? No?

I thought about bringing up a few photos from exactly two years ago. Easy post, right? But the two years ago photos are pretty bad, like a failed attempt at a random Packers/baby photo shoot and my dear husband doing some sort of curling maneuver with an alarmed infant. I dunno. Sleep deprivation does weird things to people, that’s all I gotta say.

Also: chubbeh babeh thighs, mmmm. I kinda miss those.

So anyway, clearly those are not the most exciting things to post. Last year is honestly not much better, we’re talking about a weirdly lit grainy photo of cranberry shortbread cake and that’s it.* Soooooo. Yeah, yummy, but no. Not exactly stimulating.

So instead! I will regale you with the tale of how I totally just watched All Good Things on Netflix last night, and after recently also watching Half Nelson, I have officially been dragged kicking and screaming into the realm of “Ryan Gosling fan”. Oh, the embarrassment. Me and all those screamy women who have watched The Notebook 837 times and are in loooooooove with Noooooooah, marryme omgz. But really, I respect him as an actor. Amazing work, the guy. Quite impressed with his range.

And I mean, yes, I realize his eyes kinda look in two different directions, but still – he was totally robbed of Sexiest Man of the Year {proof}. Uuuunhhh, I feel like a goofy fan-girl. But really – Bradley Cooper? Yawn. I’ll take a weird-looking-but-talented actor over that any day.

And folks – that’s it for me. Right on schedule, still posted, it’s sloppy but it counts. More to come tomorrow, let’s all cross our fingers it is of a little more substance. Have a great Friday evening, all 🙂

* Okay, kinda cheating but this one was from Nov. 20th last year. Oh my goodness, look at that face. I can’t believe he was ever that sweet mini-independent-man kind of cute. Sigh.


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