Week in Review – 6 November 2011

OMG, busy week y’all. And then, the weekend. Well, this weekend was fantastic. I had two short sessions planned but one postponed due to sick kids, so it was just one Shorty-McShort session on Sunday and in the in-between time, I was able to do the following:

– properly clean my house, top to bottom;

– sleep in a wee bit (9am one day, holy moly!  Like a gift from God, for realz);

– read 3/4 of my next book club book;

– due to the pillaging of my deep freeze stash this summer (what?  We had swimming/playing/etc. to do, no time to cook after work, DUH), it is rather empty so I was able to make the following for freezing: batch of Southwestern veggie burgers, taco soup, roasted veggie penne bake, and 2 batches of marinara.  It’s a start as far as replacing what was lost this summer…;

– drag our boxes of winter holiday decorations out of the attic and take inventory, in an effort to replace some things broken/lost/tossed last year;

– complete 3 sewing projects planned as gifts for Christmas this year;

– cull images (finally) from our SoCal trip last month, and get about 100 of the images edited in preparation for the inevitable Seal Beach Trip Photobook;

– finish editing 3 more client photo sessions;

– clean out the buffet (long needed) and get some things in storage;

– not feel any indictation of the fact that there was an earthquake felt in this area of the country, even though Scott and I were fully awake and sitting in the living room just chatting at that time.  Even though there were reports in the area of other people’s appliances literally rocking back and forth and/or furniture shaking for a period of time and/or walls vibrating.  Um, apparently we are the most inattentive people in the entire world, because we felt/saw/experienced absolutely nada.  Nothing.  Nope;

– and play with my Doots and Scottie.  A lot.  Pete and I played a whole lotta choo-choos, watched some Mighty Machines, played outside, made treats in the play kitchen, made actual cookies (some from his Halloween candy), and when kept to the main level of the house we made choo-choos out of pillows and bedding pulled from the master bedroom.  While wearing his Bucky Badger hat (I mean, is there any other way, really?).

Crazy things happen when you finally have a weekend mostly free, after weeks up0n weeks of being crazy-nuts busy.  You don’t know what to do with yourself in your ‘free time’ after that, for realz.  Like you are able to take a breather and look up and notice that it’s late autumn already.

We also took Pete out to a few parks, one being a new park in town – Burroughs Creek Park was newly christened (like literally, just this weekend we even drove by during the filmed ribbon-cutting) and ready to be played on, finally.  It’s kind of wacky with its giant ball-thingies and bizarre slide but I have a feeling Pete will love it nonetheless.

Admittedly: after awhile we walked down the street to a very tiny, “old” park.  With regular-old slides and swings.  Because unlike the new fancy shmancy Swedish-style park, it wasn’t packed tight full o’ kids.   And also Pete was able to hog the slide, and go down “on his lap” (aka: on his legs) as much as his heart desired.  Even though after about 2 seconds he realized going down on your legs kinda sorta hurts, man.

That’s okay, he also enjoys laying at the bottom.  At first he announced cheerfully that he was “dead”, then he was happy to airplane-watch from the bottom for awhile instead.

Scott decided it looked like fun, so he joined the Beez after awhile.

And then we ran around a ton until he was worn out and went home and all went to bed THE END.

Because parks never go out of style, we also took Pete for a dusk-time park run today.  Thanks a lot, time change, for ruining our plans and getting dark before it was even dinnertime, jeeeeeeez.  We swung our hearts out anyway, time change be damned.  (Also eagle-eyed viewers will notice an example of our loveable town transient population taking a nap on a park bench behind the swings in one of those photos.)

I did, actually and truly, have a photo session this weekend as well.  So more to come on that later in the week, look for it.  As well as 6 other random postings that will help to eventually fulfill my NaBloPoMo committment for the month.

Happy week, y’all!  See everyone again on Monday 🙂


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