Halloween 2011

Halloween fell on a weekday this week, and since Scott works kinda late that meant for the first time I was flying solo for Downtown Trick or Treating with Pete. I was, admittedly, a little nervous about it, but we got there a little early and therefore beat the worst of the crowds. First we stopped for Juice Stop, then started hitting the stores.

We took a Family Circus-style route along the streets; anytime we encountered someone dressed somewhat scary (or: the one person dressed as a giant plushie Panda) we had to run for cover. We made a stop at one point just to rest, a heavy costume, candy bag, and lots of walking makes for a tired Doots.

He persevered though, and we even ran into the Goose to his Maverick. The only other airplane pilot we saw that day, and it was fitting that it was the cutest dog on earth. Pete was pretty pumped.

Eventually we had enough, and headed home. Scott got off work and we hit up the neighborhood.

While it is a bit wearing to be the favored parent of the day, I have to admit I was a little smug when he made this face after realizing Mom was heading home and he was stuck with his lame-o dad for the rest of his trick-or-treating.

A fun night had by all! I made dinner at home and Scott had to drag a crying toddler home in the dark. Pete did not want to stop – I guess that means it was a successful year 🙂



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  1. I expect you must tire of hearing it (or maybe not!), but he really is adorable! Love that costume!

  2. I think that’s my favorite costume ever. So stinkin’ cute!

  3. I see someone has warmed up to my pilot’s hat! That’s okay Doots, Toots will gladly share. Looks better on you anyway.

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