Week in Review – 30 October 2011

Wowweeee, I don’t really have a lot of photos to post this week. I kinda left the camera nestled in its bag on the console. A lot. So hopefully this will be a quick update so you can all get on with your lives and I can maybe sneak in some quality time with Bossypants before the day is done.

Well, maybe first to note this week is that we carved our pumpkin. Doots helped me scoop, scrape, and then lovingly drew the face – I held his hand steady but he really did draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Rather impressed with his handiwork. Like any good mommy should be 😉 Anyway, my OBVIOUSLY artistic genius child aside, I carved out his design and we plopped the pumpkin the porch. On Wednesday morning. By the afternoon when I ran home for lunch, squirrels had nibbled their way around the eye sockets, chewing through the nose and around the mouth (photo on left). By that evening (as the photo on the right represents) they had, as Pete so lovingly put it, “ate his face off”. Gawd, squirrels. This is why we can’t have nice things. And that, my friends, is why we only bothered with ONE carving pumpkin this year.

This Friday was our anniversary. I celebrated with double dates – first Pete and I took in the Farmers Market (last one of the season by our house, sniff), snapping up several extra jars of our favorite jam. Then I took him out for his favorite sort of meal, the celebrated Happy Meal. He was too busy running like a mad man through the play area to really eat much, though. Then I whisked him off to the sitters and went home to meet up with Scottie for Date #2 of the night – La Bodega for dinner (my choice) and Moneyball in the theater (his choice). Lovely lovely evening of dates for me 🙂

The last big thing to note of the week is Pete got a haircut – and not at the wimpy place where the screaming kids go, oh no. We took him to our salon and he sat nicely on my lap and munched peanut-butter M&Ms while Josie worked her magic. I think the key was going when Scott got his hair cut, then following up with Pete’s. And while I adored Shear Madness for what they did with an obnoxious, screamy kid, I am super pumped to no longer have to drive into JoCo just to get him a haircut.

Anyway. It is sweet and short when we leave it curly but is equally cute when we brush it out straight, so I think Pete’s new stylist is a keeper.

That’s about it for us, in a nutshell. Pete is so weird right now, he talks up a storm and is obsessed with Mighty Machines and refers to himself as The Beez. I keep meaning to do a Doots-only post, and will try to tackle that soon. Promise.

So tomorrow we have Halloween, and I have night class and am still getting over a stupid cold and have a lot of editing to catch up on and need to give myself a pedicure BADLY, so it looks like the week is probably full… I had another family session this weekend, and will end with a few shots from that (more to come later) – we met at a fairly-new park that was flat as a pancake, no trees, no shade whatsoever, and the wind was whipping at a good 30-40 mph. Which is great for a shoot with 4 long-tressed ladies 😉 We persevered, however – and have a few nice shots to show off to boot.

More later. Have a great week y’all!



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  1. Short and curly is super cute! Gosh Nem, he is looking so growns up these days!

    • It’s as little Steve Sanders, I think, but I’ll take it 😉 Thanks Megan, yeah he’s getting big. Breaks my heart a little. Hope all is well with you and that adorable little bugger of yours! I am sure you are in the same boat as me, weirdo-toddler phase and all 🙂

  2. Ohmigosh yes, that cut makes him look like such a little boy! Where has baby Pete gone!?

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