Week in Review – 23 October 2011

Hiya! This week Pete had a bout of the stomach flu – er, yuck. Luckily it was of the 24-hour variety, so before the day was done he was running around and gorging on bananas like it was any other day of the week. Scott and I never got it, thank gawd, although I did spend a few days afterwards wondering with every twinge in my stomach if OMG HERE IT COMES MY STOMACH IS SEIZING I KNOW IT. Fun times.

Also it cooled off a bit this week, meaning the curls loosened up considerably. Pete was sporting a sprout around the house in the evenings, and a hair appointment has been made. See you next summer, curls.

Thursday night we ventured over to Old Navy after work, where we got to hang with Big Jay (one of the joys of living in Lawrence: random Jayhawk sightings). Pete and Big Jay carried on an epic bromance, waving and blowing kisses and high-fiving and staring at each other dreamily from the floor. No hugging though, apparently that was taking it too far.

Even with his up-close plushie fear, Pete was totally gaga and has been talking about hanging out with Big Jay nonstop, insisting we go to “Big Jay’s house on the mountain“. Heh.

Friday afternoon things warmed up and were pretty nice, which meant we were game for a walk on campus. And by ‘walk’, I mean Scott and I walk and Pete runs around at full-speed, occasionally tripping but always popping right back up and on his way again. Gotta love that toddler energy.

Sunday we hit up Halloween in the Halls up at KU, Pete was super-excited to see Big Jay but somehow we missed him while there this year. I think all the decorations and candy were enough to distract him from this fact, however 😉

Had a few shoots this weekend as well, the weather was bee-you-tee-ful, and the families were lots of fun. More to come on those later in the week 🙂

That’s it, we’re done! Enjoy the warmth of the next few days, my fellow Midwesterners. We’ll check in again soon.



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  1. love the pics as always!!! amazing!!

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