Week in Review – 16 October 2011

This week was pretty warm, but we still partied outside like it was 60 degrees, anyway.  Pete is getting this whole “fall thing”, playing in the leaves and decorating pumpkins and… well, maybe instead of sharing a warm caramel cider he sucked down a shake on our Thursday date night, but still.  We’re rocking out this fall thing for all it’s worth.




Every night we go for a walk after dinner – one of the positives of a long Indian summer is that we can go for a walk at sundown and don’t have to worry about jackets.  Pete is all about our health apparently – he insists that we jog the entire time.  The next Red Dog Gardner in the making, this kid.


Also to note: the squirrels are eating our pumpkins.  Grrrr.




Friday night was Late Night in the Phog.  Last year Peter zonked out right before scrimmage started, so we left.  We figured the same would happen this year but nope – he was cheerful and awake the entire time, so we stayed to the end.  Nice!





It was Baby Jay’s 40th birthday, so several mascots from the area got together to play a scrimmage game of their own in his honor.  That was rather amusing.  Apparently the poor mascot in the Salty Iguana suit could not see a thing, from the way it stumbled around aimlessly.  I think Slugger stole my heart that game (he’s quite the rascal, spending his time playing tricks on the other mascots).





So we got home at, like 10:30p.  And then Pete fell head-first into a window in his bedroom (don’t ask) and shattered the window.  Not a scratch on the kid, thank goodness, but there was lots of clean-up to do and he got to bed around 11pm.  Awesome, that’s only about 4 hours past bedtime.  Then in typical toddler fashion, he was up with the sun.  Sigh.


My Saturday was spent second-shooting a wedding.  This time I was able to be there for all the wedding-portrait shooting, so played official Sunglasses-and-Bouquets Assistant.  At one point: 3 pairs of sunglasses and 4 bouquets.  I had such a good time and the couple’s love story seriously made me tear up (high school starcrossed lovers + lost touch after school but never forgot each other + reunited over a decade later at the funeral of the groom’s mother = makes Nemmie’s throat get tight).  Gorgeous day and I had a blast with Kara.  I think many more Kara/Nemmie weddings are in our future, we work pretty darn well together  🙂




Sunday we did some yardwork, lots of raking (gawd, lots and lots of raking) and the boys manned the leaf mulcher-blower-thingie.  Whatever it’s called.





I edited tons o’ photos and caught up on e-mails and almost forgot about a shoot I had.  No, really, totally unprepared.  That’s okay, I think things still turned out okay.  More on that later 🙂




Have a good week!  Supposed to get chillier in these parts – I think a big pot of chili is in our future…



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  1. Spray the pumpkins with hairspray! Instant squirrel repellant. They won’t touch them!

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