Gizelle – Senior Portraits

My sister’s niece, Gizelle, met up with me this past weekend, for a shoot. We wandered downtown Joplin and then headed off into the country to take some senior portraits. I’ll be honest: was a little nervous. Kids and families, no problem. Newborns, even weddings – I can do those. But seniors? Ummmmm… I don’t know a lot about seniors, honestly. Except that all my girlfriends and I moan about how noooooooo, don’t let our babeeez grow up to be hormonal rebellious teenagers, ugh. Then we clink glasses and chug. Okay no not really, but thinking about the inevitable teenage years do make us wish we were chugging our beverages.



Well after this shoot let me just say – my mind has been changed. Teens are probably the most oppressed class in our culture, as far as stereotype. After ten minutes with her, Gizelle reminded me about all the great things about being a teenager: she’s upbeat, rolls easily with the punches, is up for anything, and open to any possibilities. Being a teenager is an amazing and hard time – sure the roadblocks (aka boy trouble) can be tough, but you have the best friends in the world and you have the greatest adventures. And some people are lucky enough to get to capture teens at this stage of their lives.



Gizelle: you were the best model, ever. EVAR. You are beautiful, funny, and so so smart. Thanks so much for meeting up with me, I hope you enjoy your shots. 🙂

And for serious: you are gorgeous, girl.


We ditched downtown Joplin and headed for Gizelle’s aunt’s pasture – just in time to take advantage of that gorgeous golden light.



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  1. They are beautiful pictures, Miss Nemmie!

  2. I’m so proud to be related to Gizelle … she’s so pretty, gorgeous, sweet, happy. lovable & so on. Everything about her is just BEAUTIFUL !!! I love it ….

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