Week in Review – 09 October 2011

Things to note this week.

Well for one, we hit the road. After a busy week we piled in the car and headed to Pittsburg to visit the family. The weather, while nice, is starting to weird me out a little. In the 80s both days. This is not normal for October, guys. But we made the most of it and spent lots of time outside playing (I am convinced playing with glass marbles is the kid-equivalent of dominoes or something; those kids could have played all day).

Pete got to spend some quality time with his Momo.

That afternoon I headed to Joplin to meet up with my sister’s niece, for some senior shots. Will share that with you later this week – totally excited, we had so much fun and I think that really came through in her photos.

I headed back to the house just in time for Saturday dinner. Pete was still up which was… not normal. But he ate with relish and then passed out before Scott finished one bedtime book. And slept like a rock, even after rolling off the couch in our bedroom and finishing his sleeping hours on a pile of pillows on the floor. Uh, score.

So Sunday I got up reallllly early to head to Mass by my lonesome – the rest of the family went when I was off doing the shoot on Saturday, and I had to get moving afterwards to watch Paulo and Beah run in the Mother Road half marathon. Shouldn’t be a problem, 7am Mass is known for being darn short. Except for today, for some reason, so even though I sprinted to the car right after communion I was about 20 minutes later than I thought I would be. Meaning by the time we all got in the car and headed to find Paulo and Beah en route, we were woefully late for the meet-up spot.

We ended up heading to downtown Galena, which was a little farther on the route. We clapped and cheered on all the runners who passed.

After about 15 minutes we sent my long-suffering husband off several blocks down for some coffee for us ladies, Pete started peeking in a few store windows, and Tinnie and I were deeply involved in a conversation regarding white base coats for pale-lavender nail polish when we heard a few happy shouts. Yeah, we totally almost missed Beah and Paulo as they ran past (thankfully, they spotted us from where Tin and I were stooped admiring her pedicure).

It was a little embarrassing that we almost missed them, but man: Tin’s pedicure sure is awesome.

Pete ran with them down to the water station down the block.

Scott missed the whole thing, coming back with our coffees about 5 minutes later. Sorry, hubster. We piled in the car and figured out how long it would take them to hit the finish line, about an hour. We ran to WalMart in Joplin to get supplies to make a sign (posterboard and markers) and some finish-line goodies and donuts for Tin. We parked near the race Finish Line and settled into a spot on the stands, pulled out our supplies to start making signs. Tinnie pointed out “hey, remember that girl when we were in Galena?”, off-handedly pointing out a recent finisher. Yep, I do! She came by while we were talking pedicures. Heyyyyyy, waaaaait….


I think we both realized at the same moment that we overestimated our remaining time until they crossed the Finish Line. We heard the announcers start to say Beah’s name and it was at that point that I snatched my camera and ran while she furiously scribbled with her markers. I was able to just Just JUST close in on the Finish Line in time to watch them cross.

Tinnie proudly waved our sad sad signage. Next year, you guys: we will totally have awesome signs and will have them done ahead of time. Pinkie swear.

I think they were just happy to be done. Paul was nursing some foot injuries and Beah didn’t have a lot of time to train but they stuck together and still did decently as far as time.  Beah proclaimed the Half to be much much easier/nicer-on-the-feet as compared to the full marathon she ran last year, so this might be an annual tradition for her and the Paulo.

Also Paulo snarfed down Tinnie’s donuts.

We asked them to pose for a few more photos and christened them with silly string.  I have about a dozen photos with the hysterically awesome faces they made but will be nice and share the sanest looking one with you.

And that was about that.  We headed back to my parents’ house to have a celebratory late lunch, then Scott, Doots, and I packed up our car and hit the road.  Sniff, why are weekends so short.  Beah is coming back up for Halloween weekend so at least we get to see her family again soon.

Paulo’s headed back to Long Beach later this week, and I guess we will just have to comfort ourselves by looking at all the photos of him making weird faces while silly string-ed, to tide us over to his next visit.



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