Week in Review – 02 Oct 2011

Blahnnnk-gaaaaah zzzmah bllllllllzzzz.


Tired.  So very, very tired.  It has been a busy weekend.



Saturday morning we headed to KC for our family photos, taken by the always lovely Solar Photographers.  This was an Epic Fail in the making:


(1) The week after a vacation is crazy-busy-hectic, so I kept forgetting about our Saturday morning photo session.
(2) I also failed to plan outfits.  This led Scott and me to fall back on the ever trustworthy yet totally boring varying shades of black/gray, with Pete showing a vague semblance of color in his military-colored brown-green-sludgy sweater.  I guess it had a wee bit of yellow on one arm, so technically there was an actual color worn by one of us.
(3) In the rush to get out of the house I failed to change out of my trusty old pair of DC athletic flats.  Er, yeah.  Which looked lovely with my dress.
(4) I made the grand mistake of telling Pete that we were going to KC to “play” with Josh and Jenny.  Which was fine, until they whipped out their cameras and he instantly gave us all some “aw hell to the NAH” face.  To say he was camera-shy would be an understatement.

However: given all this, the Solars have a magical way of cheerfully working around all mismatching apparel, toddler attitude, and ugly shoes.  So I’m not too worried.


After our shoot we headed over to City Market to take in the sights, sounds, and all the goodies.


Pete showed off his latest version of tantrum: when not given what he wants, he will make sad face and lay on the ground.  Still making sad face.  Waiting for you to notice how sad he is.  He will lay prone like that for long periods of time, until he feels he gets the appropriate amount of attention and sympathy. This time it didn’t take long for him to get up;once he realized we bought a lemonade magically All Was Better and he cheerfully sucked that puppy down.


After a pizza lunch at Minskey’s we left.  Well, not before riding the train a few times around the market.



And that was pretty much it.  The rest of the weekend I abandoned my boys to do some photo shoots of my own.  Lawrence, Leawood, Leavenworth – I drove all over the place.  And took a ton of photos.  And didn’t get to spend much time with the guys, but then again: I wouldn’t have met all these darlings if I just stayed home.


Blog posts to come 🙂



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  1. You SO shouldn’t be worried…you all looked adorable 🙂

    Lovely photos, too!

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