Samantha Marie

The first thing out of my mouth when my friend Beverly told me that she was expecting was to congratulate her. The second thing was to ask if I could practice photography on her baby when the little bundle of joy arrived 🙂

Thankfully, she said yes, so after getting into town this weekend I headed over to see the new babe and take a few shots. Samantha and I almost, almost share a birthday (she was born about a half an hour shy of sharing it with me).  She is so teeny, so dainty, and just so so perfect 🙂 She was awake probably 90% of the time I was there, not the most ideal thing from a photographer’s standpoint, but: this girl is such a trooper, she hardly cried, so I think this kid’s a keeper. Congratulations Beverly and Shane on your gorgeous little lady, and thanks for being my guinea pigs. And for letting me spend some time cuddling your sweet, beautiful, lovely-smelling baby.

And now, on to the baby goodness:


So, Beverly is a knitter. A hardcore knitter. As a wedding gift, she made us this gorgeous oatmeal-colored throw with a vine/leaf pattern on it (see it here, kinda). When we had Pete, she made him the most darling little green jacket. Everyone gets fantastic knitted gifts from her, so when I was trying to think of what to do for the shoots, I searched the Interwebs for knitting inspiration. Um, I didn’t find much, mostly pictures of babies in what looked like baskets full of multicolored spaghetti. Fail. And then, like fate, Wildflowers Photography’s latest blog post popped into my Reader just in the nick of time. Perfect! I had Beverly pull out one of her (many) boxes of yarn and we set up a few photos. Let’s call it my really-novice homage to Clementine’s shoot 😉

Then a few family shots. Mom, dad, and big brother Brady.

I know she has her paci in her mouth in this one, she was pretty much Over It at this point, but all of the family is soothing that little girl, so I had to include it.



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  1. Ah, nothing like a sweet little newborn to ignite a raging case of Baby Fever.

  2. OMG they’re gorgeous! Thank you so much! You are amazing!

  3. Samantha's grand aunt September 26, 2011 — 4:51 pm

    OMG! These are amazing! The poses are precious. You definitely have a future in photography. Great job!

  4. Love the picture with the yarn and blanket AND, of course, the beautiful girl.

  5. i’m with drewie…nice work.

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