Week in Review – 25 Sept 2011

Ummmmm short update, anyone?

We got home mid-day on Saturday.  Pete was a model flyer, no really, this time he was Perfect on both flights.  Probably didn’t hurt that we sat by another little boy who was clearly the World’s Best Behaved Flying Toddler.   Anyway, ANYWAY – we got home in the late afternoon and were tired but also: famished.  And slap-happy knowing all traveling was over and we were on our way home.  So we stopped at The Legends on the way home to celebrate; had a nice long lunch at Yardhouse and walked around for awhile.  Then Pete had some ice cream and we headed home.  And all dropped into our beds super-early.  The end.

We totally sneaked into the T-Rex restaurant and wandered around, with the sole purpose of seeing all the cool stuff (without paying $15 for a BLT).

And then we headed home around 6pm.  Because even with a long nap on one of the flights, we had a tired Doots.

Sunday I had a wee-baby shoot (more on that tomorrow), we did laundry, I baked a dish for our neighborhood potluck, and we hit up Schaake’s for some pumpkin-patch action.  Tractors and pumpkins and cider slushes, oh my!  We’ll probably be back again, because they are awesome and have the cheapest pumpkins ever.

I inadvertently caught Pete totally wiping out in the middle of an elaborate spontaneous dance while singing about tractors, and I mean but helloooo – how could I not include that.

Soooo: we got back kinda late and never made it to the neighborhood potluck.  So it was pizza and raspberry bars for dinner.  Also: I didn’t quite finish the laundry.  SO WHAT THAT’S WHAT MONDAYS ARE FOR, PEOPLE.  Yeah.

See you again soon 🙂


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