SoCal, Day 7

I have to be out the door early tomorrow, it’s been a long day, so: making this quick.



First a quick post on some of my favorite condo nooks and crannies.  Sorry to bore all you non-Nemmie types with it, as this is kind of the family diary and I’d like to remember our home for the past week, so I’m posting a few pictures here for posterity.


And yeah, the weather lady on the L.A. news we watched wore a bikini on -air.



Doots, my trusty Bed-Making Assistant.




We hit up the Queen Mary for a tour.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  So glad we decided to do this. We spent a huge chunk of time checking out the museum and even more time running around, searching every corner of the boat itself.







Aaaah it’s a ghost! Or maybe just my very-blurry husband and a long exposure.


We went to Hole Mole for some fish tacos, we hear this little hole-in-the-wall regional chain makes some darn good fish tacos.  It may be small and unassuming (and CHEAP) but it’s also very clean, and very busy.  And makes a killer fish taco (Pete liked their potato tacos too, eating at his leisure while playing on the Ms. PacMan machine).


We did a little bit of sight-seeing around Long Beach, mainly to continue our search for the Awesomest Vans Ever. No stores in Long Beach had them, either. Poo. Maybe I can find them in the necessary size on the Interwebs.

We went home and packed a little, did some laundry, tried to pretend that we aren’t leaving tomorrow.  Then we grabbed our beach bag and headed out, to spend some quality time at the beach.


Lots of lasts.  Last time dropping our shoes/bags and running for the surf. Last time building a one of our signature wonky-sand castles.  Last time Doots buries my feet in the sand. Last time saving the ocean from random pollutants (like random pickle buckets), and the last time watching some oiled-up chick pose in a bikini for two photographers with big ole flashes. With a seagull dragging a dead-seagull carcass around in the background of their shots. Sex-ay.


Last time chasing chickens…


Then we spied Paulo from across the beach, and Pete made a mad dash for him.



After the beach we walked Main St. and ducked into Woody’s for dinner. It’s a 50s-style diner, with juke boxes at every table and kiddie meals served in little cars.

Then we headed back to the condo, where we finished packing, cleaned, and Pete watched cartoons from Paul’s lap until it was time to tuck him in for the night. We had so much fun, and tomorrow early we head back to Kansas. I hope that Pete remembers at least a smidge of something from this trip, because it was so lovely.

See you back in Kansas-Land, my friends.



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  1. Faboo photos this trip, my darling!

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