SoCal, Day 5

Hullo. We are officially at that point where we are exhausted from all of our vacationing (such a terrible thing, I know), so a nap during every car ride is now the norm.

Today was fun because we hit up the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We met up with my aunt Ellen and her grandson, Colton, for some quality fish and sea lion time. We were able to see most of the museum, although I was kinda bad about taking photos while there (so not a lot to share). We had some lunch and then headed our separate ways, us back to Seal Beach and my aunt back home. Thanks for meeting up with us, aunt Ellen! And thanks for introducing us to that (short) dark and handsome grandson of yours 🙂

For the first time on our trip, our afternoon/evening was totally free of any plans. We went for a few quality walks around the neighborhood, and hit up the park nearby.  And Pete totally thought a meter cover was a choo-choo, so he “boarded” and bellowed “ALL ABOARD!!! TICKETS PLEEEZ!” a few dozen times.

Also: our neighbor to the south has a lime tree in his/her front yard.  We contemplate snitching one every time we pass it.

We also ran some errands (a little low on diapers, never a good thing), and spent some time relaxing in the condo. Scott and I had a beer, read some magazines, munched on chips and dip. Pete caught up on his cartoons and stuffed-kitty time.

That evening we hit the beach at sunset again, as long as we had the time. SoCal beach sunsets are not to be missed, my friends.

Then we went back home (home? Well, Pete thinks it’s our new home anyway), fed the boy, bathed him, and put him to bed. Scott made us a lovely late dinner of salad, roasted fingerling potatoes, and “New York” strip steak. We opened a nice bottle of old vine Zin (thanks Anne), and tucked into our nice grown-up dinner while listening to the sweet sound of our toddler shrieking his head off from his bedroom. For over an hour, people. Ah, parenthood.

Oh, well. Steak was awesome anyway, and the wine was much more appreciated than normal.



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  1. Great posts, Nems. You’re getting some awesome shots.

  2. Your husband is pretty darn good looking. I vote you take more pics of him.

  3. Nothing is as relaxing as having to shout, “PLEASE PASS THE WINE!” to be heard over a toddler… Your vacation looks soooo fun! I’m super-jealous. (Although, maybe mostly over the wine.)

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