SoCal, Day 4

On the agenda today: beach time in the morning.  Then downtown Seal Beach, then L.A. to hang with Anne and Paulo 🙂

First things first: we hit the beach. Today was overcast and the place was all ours, we only had to share with the (retirement age) surfers. Rock on.

After the beach we changed and headed downtown, walking Main Street to check out all the little shops in Seal Beach had to offer. Super cute downtown area.

Then we had lunch at the Beachwood BBQ. I didn’t take any photos of the food, alas, I mean because it’s so rude 😉 Really good stuff though, so if you are ever in Seal Beach give this place a shot.

This afternoon we headed to LA, to meet up with Anne again and hit up the Petersen Museum. And can I just point out: these rudy-encrusted heels + paper trophy were dangling from this interection of Fairfax the first time we drove past earlier in the week. Yeah I’m still too lame to figure it out.

So anyway: The Petersen Automotive Museum. Not the largest museum around but super cool nonetheless.

Pete is completely enamored with his Aunt Anne. He was not quite as taken with Batman (who happened to be hiding in the corner, next to the Batmobile they had on display). Pete reprimanded poor Batman with a very stern “Go away, Batman” and that was that. He was thankfully a little more excited to see the other cars on display.

After the museum we met up with Paulo again, and headed out for dinner. Pete also loves him some uncle Paul. We headed to Joan’s on Third for dinner. Yummy sandwiches and gourmet foodstuffs abound!

Then Pete suckered the two of them into “holding hands” and swinging him, over and over and over and over, the entire walk back to the cars…

Sadly we all parted ways at that point, and we headed back to the condo to all tuck in for the night. Tomorrow is another busy day, this time meeting up with my aunt and some family to check out the sights in Long Beach.



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  1. Yeah…the food pictures in restaurants…guilty. And I only really feel bad on the (rare, rare) occasion that I use the (diffused) flash.

    • Meryl – me too. I was being a little tongue-in-cheek saying that, referencing the Annie’s Eats blog. I can see it being rude if you are eating at some 5-star swanky joint, sure, but little beachside restaurants and local places really seem to enjoy being the focus of a blogger’s attention. In my opinion, anyway. Take those pretty pretty photos of yours and don’t worry for a moment about it 🙂

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