SoCal, Day 3

We’ll make this quick, as I am tired.  Again, with the tired.  I bet you are so sick of hearing how tired I am at this point, yeah?  Yeah.  Okay, anyway.

Today we woke up and took it easy, had a nice omelet breakfast out on the front deck area.  Totally going to have our breakfast out there from here on out.  Great weather, great little eating set out there, awesome foliage surrounding it.

Also: so sorry Pete has his mouth full in that 2nd shot.

Then we went to the local beach. Headed to the main beach, then hit up the pier. You know Pete is dying to get to the sand when he’s desperately trying to tear off his shoes before we’re even within 10 feet of the sand.

He played nicely in the sand. We knew he would. I figured he’d be too chicken to spend too much time splashing in the water, so weren’t worried about bringing gear for that.

We totally should have been more worried about that.

In the photos from this morning, you can watch our son go from various states of undress. First we pulled off the soaked sweatshirt, then the dripping-wet shorts, the sand-and-surf filled t-shirt, and then he was begging for us to just take off that pesky diaper, too. At that point Scott graciously offered to run home and grab some swim trunks and a swim diaper.

After we had our fill of the water (and after we wrestled a very angry toddler away from the ocean and into clothes once again) we checked out the Seal Beach pier.

Lots of fishing off that pier.

Please note: the descriptive “poop to fair” for wave shape for the day.

And then we headed back and relaxed with our feet up while watching some cartoons. Then a nice long nap.

After the nap, we headed to Laguna to visit old favorite spots and see Aimbot and the family. Just past this curve/mound is the lovely city of Laguna Beach 🙂

We walked, we shopped, we played at the park on Main Beach.  We grabbed a few beers and some dinner for Pete at BJs.

We met up with Aimee and the twinsies, and all took a walk and grabbed some gelato.

Then we headed home late, got the kiddo tucked into bed, and pulled together a cheese and cracker plate to munch for a late dinner. The end. See you tomorrow.


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  1. Loving your beach pictures. I was always like that as a kid too….”Just a little further into the ocean, Dad….” until I was soaked.

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