SoCal, Day 2

Day 2. Off to L.A.

Actually: okay, first my friends – let me just say that we are warming up nicely to our temporary home.

I planned to have a bunch of shots of the interior of this place, but I got lazy and only got some kitchen shots. So for today: kitchen only. Sorry. It has nice low granite counters and all the equipment necessary to bake/cook to your heart’s content, so I must say we are rather fond of it.

Doots loves the daybed in the living room area. He drags ALL the pillows from the place onto the day bed, stacks them up to his liking, and plays choo-choo. For like, hours, people.

He does a pretty wicked impersonation of the conductor saying ‘ALL ABOARD!’, too (this one is for Anne):

Anyway. Today. We woke up of our own accord, Pete nice and early at 5:45am (oof). We brewed a big pot of coffee and lounged around until Scottie got up and joined us (okay I lied: Pete ran in and woke him up around 7am). Then we each showered and dressed and hopped in the car to head to L.A. for some family time. We decided to all meet up at The Grove (or according to Aimbot: The Groove). We got there first so had some time to walk around and check out the stores, then use the really nice bathrooms there (no, really: their public bathrooms have bathroom attendants and cloth towels), and then we watched the fountain for a few minutes, all synchronized up to Sinatra.

And then, my friends: the clan showed up. That would be: my sister Aimbot, her husband, and 2 twin babies (3 year olds); my sister Anne; and my brother Paulo. We walked over to the L.A. Farmers Market, and did some shopping then lunch. We all split up to buy our lunch: noodles, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, and sushi were the items of the day. Paulo showed Pete how to properly use chopsticks, first by stealing his fries and then by being kind and actually giving him a few bites.

A quick few shots of the farmer’s market food court, courtesy of Aimbot 🙂

The boys ignored the family time and focused on their Fantasy Football updates on their phones (those dorks happened to be playing each other in their league today, oddly enough). And my niece Elise showed off her mad love for pink ice cream cones 🙂

After lunch we wandered back towards The Grove, with every intention of heading to a nearby park. Only: Anne and Doots got a little distracted by the Grove trolley, which Pete thought looked suspiciously like a choo-choo train (trolley? Pfft, suckers; that’s a TRAIN).

So yeah, we chased it and then rode it and finally, FINALLY made our way to meet up with the rest of the family at the park. A good time was had by all. Especially Anne and Doots.

Unfortunately, Pete had a little bit of a fall and a bloody lip/nose, but came through like a champ. Eventually we headed back to Seal Beach, taking our time by cruising Wilshire to the coast, then heading south. It was a long drive but meant Pete got a nice long nap (the first since Friday), so was perfect. Thanks to Anne for the tip regarding our route.

After our L.A. visit we took things easy – Pete and I played at the condo while Scott ran to the grocery store for meat and seasoning to make super nachos (specifically: this taco mix, which whoaaaaa nelly, but: yummy. Anne take note: nice and spicy). Picture of the fridge because my dears, but: we don’t really need to buy anything else, EVER.  My family who stayed at the condo before us pretty much stocked that fridge.  Anyhoo -we watched some TV and played choo-choos (again) and watched the Emmys; now it’s time to all crawl into bed and The End. See you tomorrow.



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  1. looks like you are having a great time! how fun!

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