Day 1. Er, I mean: Evening 1. Or whatever.

Day 1. We traveled most of the day, purposefully working in a long layover in Phoenix so that Pete had time to run off energy. This ended up being a bad idea, as we were all kinda bushed from Flight 1 and instead wanted to die chasing around a toddler for 2 hours. I would have rather dealt with a potentially antsy toddler on a plane…

Anyhoo. Got in late afternoon/early evening, found our rental house, and got unpacked. Then ran down the block to the beach, so the baby could have his first taste of the ocean. Tomorrow we’re headed to L.A., to hang with my loverly sisters and dorky brother. Even in my current exhausted stupor, I. Cannot. Wait.


So, the flights. In reality, Pete wasn’t so bad. Aside from some very enthusiastic shouts in-flight of “I RIDEN-AH BLUE PAIRPLANE!!!” and some seat kicking (oof, we fought that hard but he is a definite seat kicker) he did really well. Never slept though, so he was a little slap-happy. Also I have no idea what that face is about as he munched on banana while waiting for our flight.

We finally got in and got settled, then did a quick walk around the new neighborhood. Our rental rocks. Our neighborhood is quaint and adorable. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it in the future. Two blocks to the sand, baby.

Pete’s first time with the ocean. He acted cool but I’ll be honest, he seemed a little overwhelmed. He had to hold hands and didn’t spend much time in the surf, retreated to the sand to play instead. That’s okay, we have a week to warm up to the water. He also chased a few “chickens” (aka: sea gulls).

We didn’t spend long at the beach, maybe 45 minutes, then headed back. It was starting to get late, we hadn’t had dinner yet, and was already a few hours past Pete’s usual bedtime.

We thought about doing dinner on Main, but all restaurants there appear to be packed. Besides, we were all running on empty – instead we headed up the PCH a few miles and found an In N Out, grabbed some to go.

And that was that, my friends. More to come tomorrow. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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