Week in Review – 11 Sept. 2011

This week was a very special one – Scott’s birthday 🙂 I made his favorite for dinner, gumbo from scratch, and I am proud to say my roux was so dark it was like tar and the stuff turned out gooooooood (and yeah, I added corn SO WHAT THIS IS NOT NEW ORLEANS AND WE DIG THE STUFF SO SHUT UP). I wanted to get him some cupcakes, but the only “fancy” cupcake spot nearby is in Eudora, and she has no hours listed online, and then I was sad to find out that she totally does not respond to any e-mails to her shop (hello, RUDE; or – maybe she just keeps wacky hours so it’s a good thing I e-mailed before hitting the highway and driving all the over there). Yeah anyway I popped into Wheatfields on the way home and got him a trio of treats for us all to sample, and we called it good. And by ‘good’ I mean they have the best tiramisu and carrot cake in town, so it wasn’t exactly a disappointment. Pete pretty much inhaled the entire carrot cake all by himself.

One of the few days I brought my camera with me was Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day (I mean, all week: this weather! Beautiful!), so Pete and I hit up the park after daycare a few times.

This is the face he makes whenever he hears a train whistle blow, by the way. It is a shame we don’t live by some train tracks, because I love this face.

Friday I did not bring my camera with me, so when we headed out on adventures after I got off of work I sadly did not get to document it. That’s probably okay though, because it was all for naught. We headed to Perry to hit up the Farmers Market there (we are almost out of banana jam, people, and the vendor who sells it only does 2 Farmers Markets a week, the Cottin’s and the Perry, so we had to move). Except: on the way there we ran into a few storms, then Pete totally zonked out in the back seat, and anyway by the time we finally made it there all the vendors had packed up early due to the storms. Grr. So we drove back and hopefully we will live until Thursday without banana jam. The end.

So there is another new obsession at our house. On Thursday, Pete and I did our usual date night after work/daycare – hit up Starbucks and then Target. They have all their Halloween stuff out at Target, so Pete and I took a peek. We saw cat costumes, food costumes, Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) costumes, super heroes, you name it – every single one he would gleefully point out, tell me he wanted to wear them, and then have an absolute freak-out if I so much as touched the hanger to show him. I was afraid we would have the same sort of Epic Costume Fail that we had last year. Except: he spied an airplane costume. He begged for it, I helped him try it on, and that was it – I spent the next 15 minutes chasing him as he flew around the aisles at Target. Who could say ‘no’ to that?

Since bringing it home, he’s flown around the neighborhood several times, watched cartoons in it, ate meals in it, jumped on the bed while wearing it. From the moment he wakes up, he asks to put it on. So I’d say we have already gotten our money’s worth out of the thing.

Saturday we hit up the Band Day parade downtown, then walked around and had some lunch. Another gorgeous day, and lots of fun.

I could not help myself, I had to post this one. That baton twirler is totally rocking it out.

Galena High School – took these for my Beah.

At one point Pete got super-excited and decided he was a band conductor, and therefore conducted all remaining bands as they came by.  It was kinda awesome (too bad he was way too low to the ground for any band members to actually see, let alone follow, his conducting.  Just don’t tell him that…).

The Lawrence Army Band closed things out, everyone cheered and and it was the perfect ending to the parade.

And that was about that as far as Saturday. We wanted to hit up the Indian Art Market, but got home a little late so just did a few things around the house instead.

We hit up the Indian Art Market on Sunday instead – I was dying to take a few photos at the Pow Wow, however: the first one we watched was the White Mountain Apache Crown dancers, and I am afraid their version of regalia kinda freaked Pete out. It didn’t help that The Clown came out first and ran amongst the crowd, I know he’s the most important but Pete didn’t quite see it that way, given the amount of shrieking (and then, when I tried to sneak away to take pictures on my own, his yelps for MOMMY COME ‘ERE NO MOMMY RUN RUN RUN!!!). So yeah, totally bummed but it would be safe to say I didn’t get any photos of the dancers. I did get lots of pictures of the pretty pretty artwork/jewelry and chat up a few vendors, so not all was lost.

Plus Pete got a sno-cone, so clearly it was a worthwhile trip.

We went home and just vegged out.  Pete and I played and watched cartoons, and bugged Scott while he tried to keep an eye on his fantasy leagues.  Poor guy, no more easy-going Sundays spent entirely on his hobbies any longer.  I gotta kinda think that maybe he doesn’t mind too terribly much (I hope anyway).

We are starting to plan for our next trip.  We were worried about packing toys: like, how much is worth packing?  Will Pete get bored?  Will we rue the day we didn’t pack a suitcase full of choo-choos and dinosaurs to keep him occupied while we try to actually RELAX while on vacation?  Then I thought about how, in the span of the day so far, Pete used our bedding to fashion a train station, used a paper napkin as a cell phone, and turned our couch pillows into a laptop computer.

So I guess that is all sorted out, maybe we’ll just pack a few small things.

Have a great week, everyone!  Will try to hustle the guy off the computer during the week so I can actually get a few other things on the blog, like that awesome park in Manhattan, or the Fiddling/Picking festival, or a recipe…



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  1. I was in the parade with a few girl scouts!
    Great pic of the baton girl.

  2. Thanks for the pics of Galena High School. That’s my girl on the snare drum… I told her she should SMILE, but she said she was SO HOTT! You have some GREAT pictures on here! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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